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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Connecting to VirtualBox

through Remote Desktop Connection
To Enable Remote Display
  1. Open Sun's VirtualBox
  2. Select the Operating System
  3. Click on Settings (Gear Icon)
  4. Click on Remote Display
  5. Check the VRDP box in the right window
  6. Choose a server port number (Generally the default of 3389 will work)
  7. Select an authentication method
  8. Leave the timeout at 5000ms
  9. Click OK

To Use Remote Display
  1. Click on Start (or the Windows Logo)
  2. Select Programs
  3. Open Accessories
  4. Click Remote Desktop Connection
  5. Type in the IP address of the Virtual computer
Note: You can add a static IP address to your computer in a work environment with an IP address for your local network and an IP address in the same network as your virtual computers (assigned when the virtual computer is started). This will allow you to control the virtual computers much like terminal services.

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