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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Security Gateways


Intel / AMD CPU
Minimum 800 MHz 512MB 20 GB 2 (inline)
1-50 PCs P4 1 GB 80 GB 2+ NICs
51-150 PCs Dual Core 2 GB 80 GB 2+ NICs
Just click “Launch Client” and follow the instructions on your screen.
Untangle‘s open source security gateway software supports spam blocking, web filtering, and remote access. The company positions itself as an open source alternative to SonicWall.
ncluded in the free open source platform are spam, virus, spyware, phishing and attack-blocker applications, as well as Web filter, intrusion-prevention, firewall, router, VPN and protocol-control technologies. The download includes reporting capabilities. Untangle tapped 30 open source projects to build its platform, Walters says, including SpamAssasin, ClamAV, and Snort.
The open source software will send appliance-making such competitors as SonicWall, Barracuda and WatchGuard running, because the Untangle Gateway Platform consolidates multiple functions in one download.

Our recorded videos equip participants with knowledge on how to properly implement, configure and maintain network assurance using Astaro Security Gateways. For support issues, please also refer to our Astaro KnowledgeBase ( or our User Forum (
Download here!
Setting Up OWA and Outlook Anywhere
DNS Best Practice
use DHCP to point the local machines to your internal DNS server, with the ASG box as the second choice. That allows you to add local DNS names for the machines on your 192.168.x.0 subnet, while maintaining a failover in case the local DNS server becomes unavailable. The local DNS server points to the ASG box, making ASG the sole point of contact with external DNS servers. The external DNS servers used are Open DNS, with your ISP's regular DNS server as a lower priority alternative. Open DNS, if you have an account with them (which is free) allows for a level of DNS customization that you won't get from your ISP.

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