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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BSOD code list

The OverClockers BSOD code list
For x124 and x101..
Voltage fluctuation might be causing the problem. Load-Line Calibration (AKA Lowering Vdroop) makes the motherboard "less able" to reduce volts supplied to the CPU under load. What that means is the voltage levels supplied to the CPU are more or less constant - when going from a light load to a heavy load (or vice-verse) the voltage supplied will be the same. Without Load-Line Calibration (Higher Vdroop) the voltage difference between different workloads can be significant.
I'll just summarize.... basically if you are using LLC (to make your Vdroop 'low') the IDLE vCore voltage may be MUCH LOWER than it would be using High Vdroop. I was able to get rid of x101 and x124 by disabling LLC in BIOS. After reading up on Vdroop and voltage I went back and re-enabled LLC and increased my Vcore to offset the negative effects I was seeing with the LLC. The increase was about .07. Haven't had any problems since.
More info can be found here if you're interested in learning more about Vdroop.
Bug check 0xF4

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