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Saturday, May 25, 2013

DD-WRT - reset web GUI password

DD-WRT - reset web GUI password and also http username

Suppose you want to change the password for your dd-wrt router. The simple way of doing this is via the web interface (web gui). There you have 3 fields:
  • Router username
  • Router password
  • Re-enter to confirm
If you think that by leaving the username field untouched and only changing the password would leave you with the username (the web gui username) unchanged, you're totally wrong! Doing this also changes the username to a value that seems to be specific to every installation.. not so good, because you will not be able to logon. At least not via the web gui.
What's to be done then?
Well.. if you're lucky enough and have either telnet or ssh enabled on the router, you can get a shell on the router and fix it. See the next steps for how you can do that. If neither telnet nor ssh are enabled, I'm not aware of another way to get into the router without resetting it to defaults.
For login via telnet or ssh you will use 'root' as the username and the new password that you have just changed.
The username used for web gui authentication is kept in nvram under http_username parameter. You can check this by issuing:
nvram show
#nvram get http_username
Now, you can easily reset the username back to admin by issuing:
nvram set http_username $1$5pQBM5KU$L4pN31lcOJls.1.mVIOKb.
The gibberish string above is the equivalent for 'admin'. Make sure you copy the entire string, including the dollar sign from the begining and the dot at the end.
Now you'll be able to login via the web gui with 'admin' as the username and your new password.
And don't forget to also fill-in in the username next time you wish to change only your password on the dd-wrt router :-)
This behaviour is true for Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2
to change the web UI password:
nvram set http_password $1$5pQBM5KU$L4pN31lcOJls.1.mVIOKb.
would reset password to admin.
For firmware DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) mini, the nvram variable is http_passwd. At least it was on my build!
Haz un reset posterior al router, lo habitual es que dependiendo de la versión que hayas instalado al escribir el user sea root y al pass: admin pero en las últimas versiones de dd-wrt lo primero que aparece es una ventana para que entres tu password primero (entra el password que quieras, después lo repites y ya entras)
Howto revive a bricked WAP54G
Read the page:
Short-circuit the pins shown, and used tftp2.exe .
My advise is to roll-back to the original Linksys firmware for WAP54G, than dd-wrt. But if you also like dd-wrt, you will revive your WAP54G with this tutorial. My information works for any of these firmwares.
If you have problem during tftp the original firmware, like freezing: restart you pc and modem and upload to the modem (via tftp) another file: A photo .jpg around 65kb. The .jpg will erase the nvram.
Restart again the tftp, and this time upload the original firmware.
Sounds strange, but it works!
This is how i revived my WAP54G, after having exactly the same problem

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