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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Data Recovery and Filesystem Tools
Strip My Rights
Author: Systemintegrasjon AS
Version:   File Date:   Number of Downloads: 6489  File size: 33 K
Date Released: 2/8/2008

File Description:
Utility for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 which runs applications with reduced rights. If you for instance is logged on as Administrator or another user with administrative privileges on your Windows computer, you can use StripMyRights to run for instance Internet Explorer, Outlook or other programs with the rights of an ordinary user.
In this way the security risk of being logged on with elevated privileges may be reduced.
The utility is based on the ideas of the DropMyRights tool from Microsoft, but with several features added.
Chown for Windows
Author: Systemintegrasjon AS
Version:   File Date:   Number of Downloads: 2825  File size: 60 K
Date Released: 2/8/2008

File Description:
Tool to take ownership of files and folders, or just take full control of the files and folders, without first taking ownership.
The tool is GNU-licensed and originally written by Alexander Frink.
Now supports file names up to 32000 characters in length.
Latest: Fixed problem with stack overflow for deep directory structures.

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