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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Rapidshare download manager

DLD link
Rapidshare download manager not working properly
Have you tried using linkification and downthemall addons if you use firefox?
You can just copy and paste all your links in a text file and fire it up in firefox and download them all easily with downthemall.

If you use opera, it's even easier, just use the linkify java script:
and download using 'links' in the side panel and filter away for the files you want.
This is what works for me....
- Feisty Fawn
- Latest Wine(forgot exact version)
- Latest Flashget
- Latest firefox with latest Flashgot add-0n
Steps :
-make sure firefox and flashgot installed and working
- install flashget using wine...just download flashget and open terminal type wine flashget installer.exe(make sure run the command fr the same folder where to dl the flashget installer....just to make sure wine find it)
- during installation do not tick any feature offered by flashget....just untick evything
- after finish installation...just exit the terminal
- try launching flashget via the gnome panel....flashget must be able to run if you want to continue the next steps
- if flashget open firefox..make sure flashgot addon are running..just right click on anylink, there will be flashgot option
- right click on any link then choose flashgot options then more option...
- on the General tab click Add...give any bame name then browse to where you have installed flashget.
- choose flashget executeable...
- then back to flashget...
- click default download properties ...
- MOST IMPORTANT 4 rapidshare premium member...enter your rs ID n Password into the Login to Server field...untick ShareURL and choose ur download directory...
- now just open any page with a list of RS dl link, highlight all the link then right click...choose Flashgot Selection..
- in a while, your flashget shud prompt u if u want to dl all the link...just select OK..
- then if all OK, it shud start to download...

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