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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Registry security system

RegDefend is a registry security system for Windows, saving you from zero day exploits and other hacker activity. It uses advanced and efficient algorithms to work securely and effectively at protecting your registry.

It works by intercepting privileged registry actions and lets you decide whether they should occur or not.
RegDefend works out of the box only requiring you to install it, once installed it is actively protecting your registry. You can leave RegDefend at its default settings or configure it to your heart's content. RegDefend won't slow you down like the copy-cat competitors.
RegDefend is the original and still the best!

RegDefend adds a significant number of
valuable registry protections to your computer. With RegDefend
installed you have complete control over privileged registry actions
occuring on your computer.

  • Block Registry Creation
  • Block Registry Modification
  • Block Registry Reading
  • Registry rules based on process name and command line
  • Fast protection algorithms allow large rule lists
  • Custom rule editing
  • Wildcard Support
  • Default registry rule set covers every main attack vector
  • Active community additions to rule set definitions
  • Partly coded in assembly language (ASM) for speed

Malicious software uses the registry 95+% of the time, it is worthwhile protecting you and your family from a common attack vector!
RegDefend is a component of the unified Ghost Security Suite and runs on Windows XP, XP64, 2000, 2003

Ghost Security provides security software, both shareware and
freeware, designed to be efficient with no bloat and optimal features.

Whether you need protection against
rootkits, viruses, spyware and worms or simply want increased
protection for your network and registry, Ghost Security can provide

Organized criminals and hackers are always
looking for a vulnerable machine. Even if you have updated your
anti-virus, installed the latest Microsoft updates and are careful of
opening strange emails you are still at risk!

Don't take chances - protect yourself with the
best security software money can buy from Ghost Security - and make
yourself invisible to hackers, crackers, and criminals.

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