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Monday, July 13, 2009


Skyhook Wireless* - Hybrid positioning system (XPS) is a software-only location solution that allows any mobile device with Wi-Fi, GPS or a cellular radio (GSM/CDMA) to determine its position with an accuracy of 10 to 20 meters. Details
Anti-theft software for Windows
Alert Message
Send out silently in the background with no indication that the software is running when connected to the internet.
Repetitive alerts can be set to send Alert Message every minute on the background.
Tamper Proof
Password protection to ensure no unauthorized access to the software. The machine will then automatically 'freeze up' to prevent any mishandling and display details on how to contact the owner.
Auto Start Up
Phoenix autoruns every time the computer is connected to the internet.
IP Addresses
Capture addresses when stolen computer is on the internet (wired or wirelessly) to identify and pinpoint the location via the computer network utilizing the Internet Protocol standard (IP).
Location of thief
With the use of location based service (Skyhook Wireless), the geolocation of the stolen laptop will be packed into a web address and be sent out.

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