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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DFT & OGT Diagnostic Tool

Looking for drivers for Hitachi hard disk drives?

Looking for drivers for Microdrive Digital Media?

Install or Optimize Your Drive
Utilities for installing or optimizing Hitachi HDDs

Analyze, Monitor and Restore Your Drive
Utilities for analyzing, monitoring and restoring Hitachi HDDs

Drive Fitness Test
The Drive Fitness Test (DFT) quickly and reliably tests SCSI, IDE and SATA drives. The DFT analyze function performs read tests without overwriting customer data. (Note: other DFT restoration utilities may overwrite data.)


  • Ultrastar 10K300, Ultrastar 15K73 and DK32XX users, do not use DFT — Use the OGT Diagnostic Tool.
  • Does not support Microdrive Digital Media products.
  • Supports all Travelstar HDDs, except 8E, 10E and C4K series.
  • Does not support Endurastar products.
  • Does not support external USB or Firewire attached drives.
  • Compatible only with x86-based processors.
  • Does not support the PC which loads Intel ICH9M chipset. HitachiGST are working to fix this situation.

Supports Leading Drives

  • SCSI.
  • Serial ATA.
  • Parallel ATA.
  • IDE.

Analyzes Drive Fitness

  • Three modes of operation.
    - High confidence level quick test
    - Full media scan
    - Exerciser
  • Performs real-time analysis of your drive to quickly determine if problem exists.
  • Identifies system problems such as cable or temperatures.
  • Automatically logs significant drive parameters to track potential impacts to the drive operations (diskette version only).

Restores Drive Fitness

  • Erase-boot-sector utility (Use option: Erase Boot Sector).
    - Note: this utility overwrites customer data to allow repair of bad sectors.
  • Low-level format utility (Use option: Erase Disk).
    - Note: this utility overwrites customer data to allow repair of bad sectors.

Includes Utilities

  • Drive information.
  • SMART operations for supported hard disk drives.


OGT Diagnostic Tool

OGT Diagnostic Tool is a failure analysis tool for Ultrastar 10K300, Ultrastar 15K73 and DK32xx disk drives. For these drives, OGT Diagnostic Tool replaces the Drive Fitness Test.



  • Automatically performs necessary diagnostic testing and failure analysis.
  • Windows OS-compatible only.

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