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Friday, March 18, 2011

PureDarwin Xmas

The PureDarwin project announces the immediate availability of "PureDarwin Xmas", a developer preview of the upcoming operating system based on Apple's Darwin 9 sources and other Open Source projects such as X11. At the same time, the PureDarwin project would like to invite the community to discuss, participate and contribute. The developer preview is available for download as a pre-configured virtual machine for VMware Fusion 2.0 on Macintosh, and the code used to generate it is available in a Subversion repository.
Darwin is the Open Source operating system from Apple that forms the basis for Mac OS X, and PureDarwin is a community project to make Darwin more usable (some people think of it as the informal successor to OpenDarwin). One current goal of this project is to provide a bootable ISO of Darwin 9.x (the version that corresponds to 10.5.x Leopard). Another goal of this project is to provide additional documentation.
puredarwinxmas.tar.bz2 (md5: fd0ade4da224475e5dc33c2c11d9d0bc)
VMware Fusion 2 virtual machine or VirtualBox
See the google code repository for stuff and scripts.
See for instructions on how to use this repository
List of all files in Darwin
build 9C31 which were
available as binary
roots as of today 
297k v. 4 Jan 30, 2009 
Aladin Quet

PAM module needed
to create a user security
session for login.
See the
"User Management"
page under "Users"
for more details. 
2k v. 2 Mar 19, 2009
Aladin Quet

This is expected to work.

  • with VMware
    • Darwin 9 boots in a VMware Fusion 2 virtual machine on a Macintosh
    • DTrace 
    • X11
    • ZFS
  • with VirtualBox

Known issues

These issues will be addressed in future releases.
  • Works with VMware Fusion 2 on Macintosh, VirtualBox on Linux
  • login does not work, user is working as root
  • Lots of error messages during the boot process
  • X11 does not work with mach_kernel.voodoo
  • WindowMaker will not be the default WM
  • halt doesn't work reliably, "shutdown -h now" doesn't work reliably
  • /var/log gets filled quickly
  • No network
  • Due to a restriction of VMware Fusion 2.0.1, you cannot run PureDarwin Xmas on 32-bit CPUs such as the Core Duo in the first-generation Intel Macs (Thanks gireesh). However, you can downgrade to VMware Fusion 2.0.0 which seems to run Darwin fine on a 32-bit CPU (thanks Stuart).
Darwin Server running
A PureDarwin 9 server is up and running (in private, for now - see below). 
We have created a custom PureDarwin 9 ISO with the scripts and tools from our repository as described here, installed networking, OpenSSH, Apache, MacPorts, Netatalk, configured Bonjour, even installed TightVNC for graphical applications... set up SpeedStep to save some power... all runing nicely.
Thanks for everyone who has contributed toward making PureDarwin this viable.
At the moment we are looking for a co-location and hardware sponsor so that we can run a PureDarwin 9 server system 24/7 and make available its services publicly.

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