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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GFI BackUp 2011 FWE


  • Secure backup of all your important files for FREE
  • Easy-to-use wizard-driven interface – perfect for beginners
  • Restore your data in minutes using common ZIP format
  • Back up to most popular storage devices
  • Fast, efficient, full-featured backup solution

Features of GFI BackUp 2011 Freeware Edition

Data backup and synchronization

GFI BackUp provides:
  • Traditional file backup and restore of data
  • Backup of files which meet a specific group set (e.g., financial files, productivity files, images and designs).

Backup storage options

GFI BackUp enables you to perform backups to multiple devices, among others, internal/external hard disks, NAS devices, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray media, memory sticks and removable flash memory devices (USB drive, memory sticks, etc).

Full or item-level restore options

GFI BackUp allows you to make a full restore of backup data or to select a set of individual folders and/or files. GFI BackUp allows you to perform a restore to a location of your choice, rather than forcing you to restore your data to its original location.

Include/exclude backup parameters

GFI BackUp provides a powerful mechanism that enables you to include or exclude specific files during a backup task.
The mechanism can filter files according to their file type (for example, back up all .doc files but exclude all .tmp files). This will help reduce your backup storage requirements. GFI BackUp comes pre-configured with a number of group category sets such as ‘Productivity Files’ (grouping file types: .xls, .xlsx, .doc, .docx) making configuring backup tasks even easier. You can also create your own category groups.

Advanced task scheduler

GFI BackUp does not rely on the Windows Task Scheduler, but uses an advanced built-in and highly configurable scheduling mechanism.
It supports scheduling tasks to run:
  • Manually
  • On Windows start-up/shutdown
  • Hourly/daily
  • Periodically
You can also configure a schedule to run every few days (e.g., every three days) and not run if, for instance, the day of the schedule happens to be a Wednesday.

Incremental, differential and other backup types

GFI BackUp can either be configured to back up only new and changed files (incremental), or to delete those files from the current backup that no longer exist in the source location (differential).
GFI BackUp also provides a version control mechanism (stack backup) that allows you to keep multiple versions of a file in the archives.

Data integrity

By default, GFI BackUp carries out cyclic redundancy checks (CRC) on each file to ensure data integrity and to protect against accidental changes due to communication errors


GFI BackUp uses military-strength 256-bit AES encryption to protect backed-up data privacy.
AES encryption has been adopted by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as an FIPS-approved (Federal Information Processing Standard) symmetric encryption algorithm that should be used by US Government organizations (and others) to protect sensitive information.

Backup of files that are open/in use

You can back up files even if they are still open, using the Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service (Microsoft VSS).
Out-of-the-box, GFI BackUp is enabled to make use of Microsoft VSS to back up files that are in use by other applications such as Microsoft Outlook .pst files.

Backup compression

Unlike traditional solutions, when performing data (file and folder based) backups, GFI BackUp does not lock you in by using a proprietary backup compression format; instead, GFI BackUp uses the standard Zip-64 file format when instructed to compress an archive.
This means that data stored this way can be restored manually from the backup even if GFI BackUp is not installed. You can choose to create self-extracting archives as well as backups without compression for faster processing and redundancy. If using Zip compression, GFI BackUp can split and span the archive over multiple hard-drives.


GFI BackUp supports Unicode, the industry standard for universal character encoding, which means GFI BackUp supports all commonly used characters including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Russian.

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