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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The World's Worst ISPs


The networks listed on this page knowingly provide service to criminal spam gangs and ignore spam reports from anti-spam systems and Internet users. These networks are defacto Spam Havens from where spammers operate freely and with the full knowledge of the network administrators and the executives. In the name of profits, these ten networks turn a blind eye to criminal spam gangs on their networks.

Spam continues to plague the Internet because a small number of large Internet Service Providers sell service knowingly to professional spammers for profit, or do nothing to prevent spammers operating from their networks.

Although all networks claim to be anti-spam, some network executives factor revenue made from hosting known spam gangs into corporate policy decisions to continue to sell services to spam operations. Others simply decide that closing the holes in their end-user broadband systems that allow spammers access would be too costly to their bottom lines.

The majority of the world's service providers succeed in keeping spammers off their networks and work to maintain a positive anti-spam reputation, but their work is undermined daily by the few networks such as these who, out of corporate greed or mismanagement, choose to be part of the problem.

The World's Worst Spam Support ISPs
As of 19 June 2012 the ISPs with the worst Abuse Departments and consequently the worst reputations for knowingly hosting illegal spam operations are:
unicom-cnNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 109

chinanet-fjNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 69

3 of Current Known Spam Issues: 64

chinanet-gdNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 62

5 of Current Known Spam Issues: 60

6 of Current Known Spam Issues: 54

hinet.netNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 54

iliad.frNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 51

9 of Current Known Spam Issues: 50

dreamhost.comNumber of Current Known Spam Issues: 48

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