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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Android *.apk

The 60 Best Android Apps (Part 1 of 2)
25 Android apps 
Best-tools-for-keeping-your-android-running-smoothly barcode-scanner
Instagram It's like a combination of FB and Twitter. Your "status update" is in photos, rather than words. It's amazing how you start paying more attention to the little details of your day, looking for things to photograph. :) And it's quite interesting to see photos of everyday life from around the world.
Instagram is definitely easier to use! Instant uploads, plus application of filters to your photos is nearly instant as well. It also saves a copy of your new pic (with filter added) to your iphone/itouch's camera roll/picture folder.
Instadroid Tips: Tips and how-to's for Instagram
InstaPics has been developed using Instagram API and offers basic Instagram features and requires Instagram credentials to login. You can see popular photos, user feeds, likes, comments, user profile etc on a android device using your existing Instagram credentials. Check out “InstaPics” in android marketplace..

EyeEm in Android Market. It’s not instagram but pretty amazing
Camera 360 has some nice options – then share via Picplz (does photo effects and can upload to Facebook/Twitter/Posterous/Tumblr and more)– works pretty flawless.
ulooki on android
DSLR Controller makes Android a live controller for Canon DSLR cameras
App that can help to extend battery life: "Juicedefender".
Gauge Battery widget:
Vignette ebook-readers
netMemo, a minimalistic voice recorder aimed at delivering your messages to your OWN e-mail inbox for later processing. I use it for capturing those ideas I tend to have "on-the-go" when there's no time to take written notes.
Quick Office Pro.apk is one of the best app regarding Office in Android
Google Currents, Pulse, Taptu, Flipboard
Java MIDP emulator
bluetooth voice recognition??
re-skin Android with Sense or Touchwiz

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