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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

PCI standard RAM controller

installing hamachi of WTF?
How to Install a PCI Standard RAM Controller | 
The PCI standard RAM controller is a Windows component that supports that standard RAM controller device found on a computer's motherboard. This controller maintains the communication between the RAM controller device and system-supplied information (INF) files. Commonly found on a bridge within the motherboard's circuitry, the RAM controller device is the direct link between the processes your computer is tasked with running and the memory hardware that manages these tasks. The PCI standard RAM controller is a device driver that, once downloaded and installed, aids in managing those tasks.

  1. Finding the Proper PCI Standard Driver
    • 1
      Determine whether your motherboard supports a PCI standard RAM controller in the paperwork provided with the computer. To find out, navigate from the desktop to "Start."
    • 2
      Navigate to the "Control Panel" and open the window.
    • 3
      Select "System" in the "Control Panel" window. Here, you can determine which Windows operating system you are running along with the current service pack installed.
    • 4
      Search the Internet for a "PCI standard RAM controller device driver" that is compatible with your operating system and service pack to download.
    Installing the New Device Driver Over an Existing Driver
    • 5
      Navigate to "Device Manager" within the "Control Panel." Determine if a PCI standard RAM controller is already installed.
    • 6
      Open the properties window for the controller and select "reinstall drivers, " if a PCI standard RAM controller is present.
    • 7
      Select the install option that lets you choose a specific location (file path) and click "browse."
    • 8
      Browse to where you saved the PCI standard RAM controller driver and select the executable file.
    • 9
      Navigate to the "Device Manager" in "Control Panel." Open the "Properties" window for the PCI standard RAM controller with a right-click and check to see that the driver's date is current.
    Installing a PCI Standard RAM Controller Driver Without an Existing Driver
    • 10
      Double-click the executable file for the PCI standard RAM controller.
    • 11
      Follow the on-screen instructions.
    • 12
      Navigate to "Device Manager" in "Control Panel" upon installation completion.
    • 13
      Find the newly added PCI standard RAM controller within the "Device Manager" window.
    • 14
      Restart the computer if the RAM controller is not present.
Tips & Warnings
  • Remember where you saved the PCI standard RAM controller driver.
  • Not all motherboards support PCI standard RAM controller devices; ensure yours does before attempting an install.

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