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Monday, August 20, 2012

can not access my hotmail account
MSN Messenger Account ( Not Accessible
Gone After Signing Up and Switch to Account

I just signed up for a new account and migrated from my old account.

This issue happens due to the traffic of processing your contacts that are being migrated to Outlook and it is being observed by Microsoft team. The issue should resolve itself, just wait for couple of hours then try to sign in again and check if the contacts are still appearing offline. For the details, you may read the sticky post we created regarding this issue.
Messenger doesn't show contacts online after upgrading Hotmail to
Update: 3 August, 2012: 
The overwhelming popularity of the Outlook announcement and the thousands of eager customers who wanted to try out the new mail experience with a change to their Microsoft account name, caused a backlog in getting contacts updated to those new account names.  Since Microsoft account names are used to subscribe to Messenger Presence on those contacts, this lead to longer than normal wait times for your contacts to see you online.   We have implemented some measures to improve the throughput of these updates, so you should start seeing shorter wait times.  For those of you who have stuck with us, thank you for your patience. 
Note - if you are seeing a partial upload of contacts on your Messenger client but not all, then your account has been migrated and we'll need for you to work with the community on your issue by creating a new thread.   I will be locking this thread  since it's becoming more difficult to manage due to the amount of responses and we're unable to respond to each post.
So, to recap:
--We no longer need account names, thank you for those who provided them
--If you have recently renamed your Hotmail account, please be aware that it can take several hours for it to appear and as mentioned above, we have implemented measure to improve the updates
--If you are seeing some contacts online, after changing account, then your contacts have migrated and you are experiencing a different issue.  Please post a new thread and a community member will help.
Thank you,

Update (1 August 2012):  BIG THANKS to those who have provided your acount information.  You have helped discover a bug where the contacts list is not hitting the proper destination within People/Contacts in a more timely manner, thus the excessive delay some of you are seeing.  While it is normal to take up to 12 hours (mine took 7-8 to migrate) it shouldn't take longer than the 24 hours that some of you reported.  The bug that you helped discovered and we've since filed is being looked at.  I can't promise an ETA on when your specific contacts will show online and for now can only ask for your continued patience, sign out/sign back in and see if your contacts appear.   If I have more information about this particular issue, I will update this thread/post.  
Again, thank you for providing your account information.  At this time, WE DO NOT NEED anymore.