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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ping request fails

XP SP2 Windows Firewall enabled on the host PC?
If the firewall is enabled and you don't have File & Print Sharing enabled in the firewall settings ping requests will be dropped.

Show firewall configuration:
C:\Documents and Settings\Admin>netsh
help (optional...)
show config
The VPN entry at the end of your firewall configuration dump.
If you are running any type of VPN client, ie. like from Cisco, openvpn, etc... sometimes those include a built-in firewall function that can cause issues like blocking incomng Remote Desktop requests for example.

Subnetmask doens't care in this situation. Also subnetmask is not a problem.
You can use 194.x.y.z as B Class with problem is TCP\IP. If you can't ping localhost, TCP\IP isn't working properly so never can ping ther machines.
reset your TCP/IP configuration. It is not working properly.
To reset TCP\IP in Windows XP

Disable Norton Internet Security firewall


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