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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

STOP: 0x0000004E

PFN_LIST_CORRUPT means that the system went to swap memory between the RAM and the VRAM on the hard drive, and couldn't.
  • Pagefile.sys is not properly addressed.. did you change it's location in the registry?
  • HDD Corruption -- The bad sector is located inside the pagefile.sys (although usually this would just cause a hang)
  • BAD RAM -- (usually would give you a Page Fault Error instead
Vapor wrote:
one last thing - what destroyed your ram in the first place is random, but in my case it was the powersupply. So i switched from 300 watt to 600 watt. Most people dont know this, but many graphics card and system errors/failures is from mal-power!
Good luck

Posted by Mosel Lathersn
Does that mean if I change my memory, i should also upgrade my power supply to prevent from happening again?

Posted by Geoff Wheeler
check your CPU heatsink for proper thermal contact.
Replacing this fixes ALL blue screen crashes

Posted by doug h.
Heatsink compound WON'T fix all "blue screen" crashes...
Most PFN_LIST_CORRUPT problems are related to memory modules issues - bad, not-seated properly, etc. The first thing to try is to re-seat each of your memory sticks and see if that fixes the problem.
So, if re-seating doesn't work, like someone mentioned earlier, get a memchecker and put it on a bootable floppy or CD and use it. Better yet, if you've upgraded your memory and still have your old sticks (or have access to to some that you know are correct for your PC), replace them and see if that corrects the problem.
If this doesn't pan out then you can move to the less probable scenarios like CPU overheating, power supply issues, BIOS-upgrades, etc.

tartar wrote:
I have solved my problem by updating BIOS. Now it works flawlessly.

Posted by Michael
90% of the time this message does not mean your ram itself is bad. A program using improper mdls could also cause this same issue. as well as hitting the reset button can cause this issue because the pfn (Page Frame Database) also called Page Frame Number list hence the PFN part is not flushed out. Drivers can also cause this problem by writing to memory areas they sholdn't write to. Don't be so quick to chalk it up as bad ram. run a memory test if its bad fine otherwise try disabling drivers one by one (sound drivers do this a LOT) till you find your culprit

The Nvdia display driver is the problem, if I try to change my screen resolution (after a new installation with nvidia driver), my system crashed.

What is "MDLs"? I have this blue screen of death in Windows Vista Ultimate 32-bit
Posted by Michael
MDLs are a programming api for programs to lock certain areas of memory so another program cannot use it. its used in multi-threaded programs so that they have exclusive access to an area of memory and sometimes things lock an area used by another program instead of its own area and that causes windows to just shutsdown to stop the intruder from doing something it shouldn't do.
Yes, bad memory CAN cause it, but 90% of the time its a bad driver (or badly written one) Just replaced a sound card on my vista machine 2 months ago that was causing the PFN_LIST_CORRUPT message and no longer get it. If i put the old sound card in, I get the message again. (turns out the sound card does not have 100% vista compatible drivers)

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