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Monday, November 7, 2011

AMD chip SB710 RAID drivers 
NameFile SizeRevision NumberRelease
South Bridge Driver17.6 MB11.99/28/2011Download
Package Includes:
         South Bridge Driver
Raid Driver76.3 MB11.99/28/2011Download
Package Includes:
         Raid Driver

SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot-2.png
1) Copy your SATA drivers to a floppy disk.
NOTE: Keep this disk in a safe place, as it will be need to use in the Recovery Console.
NOTE: You cannot use a USB flash drive for this.

2) Press F6 at the first screen.SATA Drivers - Load in Windows XP Setup on Dual Boot-3.png
Slipstreaming as possibility?
This should be possible.
CC_0106 refers to AHCI mode. CC_0104 refers to RAID mode.

That's one line.
Gigabyte MA790X-UDP3 - SB750
2x 74GB - One currently holds the operating system and the other is empty.
1x 250GB
There is another aproach.
Read your motherboard manual. Attach current system hard disk to Port 4 or Port 5.
Goto BIOS. Set RAID mode, but IDE emulation for Port4/5.
Boot XP, system is at IDE mode still.
And RAID controller is available. install RAID driver.
Clone system to 250GB.
Connect 2x 74GB to Port 1 and Port 2. Build RAID. Boot 250GB hard disk. Clone system to RAID.

To make the integration of the needed AMD/ATI textmode drivers into a bootable Windows XP (32/64bit) CD easier and safer for you, I have prepared 2 small sized driverpacks, which can be downloaded here:
for Windows XP:
32bit AMD/ATI SB7xx RAID&AHCI Driver v9-4 (WHQL)
for Windows XP x64:
64bit AMD/ATI SB7xx RAID&AHCI Driver v9-4 (WHQL)
Just unzip the appropriate package and integrate it as textmode driver by using nLite.
  • Contrary to the v9-6 RAID drivers the v9-4 ones do support nearly all available AMD/ATI SB7xx RAID Controllers.
  • I have reorganized the driver folder structure and the content of the TXTSETUP.OEM file to minimize the failure risk during the XP installation.
Thanks for your searching, finding and uploading these new AMD AHCI/RAID textmode drivers for Windows XP/XPx64 dated 04/06/2010 (32bit) resp. 03/24/2010 (64bit).
Since the original AMD textmode drivers v3.2.1548.37
  • only will support AMD SB7xx AHCI/RAID and AMD SB8xx RAID systems and
  • have some needless entries within the TXTSETUP.OEM files, which may cause error messages regarding "missing files" while installing the OS,
I have customized them.
Here are the download links to the original and WHQL certified drivers, where I have just cleaned the TXTSETUP.OEM files:
>32bit AMD SB7xx & SB8xx AHCI/RAID driver v3.2.1548.37 prepared for the XP integration<
>64bit AMD SB7xx & SB8xx AHCI/RAID driver v3.2.1548.37 prepared for the XP x64 integration<
  • These drivers will not work with AMD SB6xx chipsets, because the HardwareID's are missing!

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