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Friday, November 25, 2011

Click-N-Type Portable

Download CNTPortable.exe at the left, run it and follow the instructions: Now Windows 7 compatible.
  • Select the Portable Drive Letter (eg. X:\) of the device you're going to put the "Click-N-Type" folder on.
  • If you are using the PortableApps Launcher, install to its folder (eg. X:\PortableApps), rather that the drive root.
  • Then click the "Unzip" button at the upper right.
  • You may now use your Application Launcher to start Portable Click-N-Type.

Click-N-TypePortable will create a "\Click-N-Type" folder in the device or folder you chose. This version of Click-N-Type is portable and stealth. You may use this with any Application Launcher.

Some we've tried are:

PStart from
Portable Start Menu

If you don't see Click-N-Type on your Launcher's menu, you may have to refresh its known Apps, restart the Launcher or manually tell it that the "...\Click-N-Type\Click-N-Type.exe" program exists on your device. If you are using the launcher, make sure you have installed Click-N-Type to "X:\PortableApps", where "X:" is your portable drive.

You may then carry your portable device to any relatively new Windows computer, and launch Click-N-Type from the portable drive. All your settings and preferences will be remembered no matter what Drive Letter gets assigned to your portable device. No files or registry entries are left behind, provided you close Click-N-Type, and remove the device, before physically pulling it from the computer.

Special considerations for Click-N-Type Portable:
  • When installing Add-ons such as Word Prediction, Spoken Keys, Language packs, etc., launch Click-N-Type and leave it running while installing the Add-on. This is so the Add-on installer knows where to find the Click-N-Type Drive and Folder.  Then stop and restart Click-N-Type.
  • You will note that some options are disabled, that are available with the normal Installed version, such as a Shortcut on the Desktop and running at system startup, because of the obvious removable device restrictions.
  • Standard Click-N-Type and Portable Click-N-Type can both be installed on a computer but only one can be running at any given time. You must not try to uninstall any version of Click-N-Type while another version is running. Always close Click-N-Type before uninstalling.
  • All other rules about improperly removing a removable device, causing possible problems, and leaving traces behind, still apply as normal.

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