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Thursday, November 3, 2011


256MB RAM and 64MB free disk required.

Download: xpud-0.9.2.iso (64MB)
We're pleased to announce the release of xPUD 0.9.2. xPUD is a minimal and fast booting Browser OS, based on Mozilla Firefox, with a web-based UI on top. This version comes with new SysTray, WebApp mode, PageCurl effect, online App Store, new File tab and more.
Install on Hard Drive
Install xPUD on Windows XP/Vista/7
Download installer for Windows: xpud-0.9.2.exe (64MB)
Still in testing, use at your own risk!
xPUD will be installed under C:\xpud and dual boot with Windows.

Install xPUD on Linux
Download image for Linux: xpud-0.9.2-image (45MB)
We don't have installer for Linux yet, but you can do it manually by configure your boot loader. For example, if you're using GRUB on first partition:
title xPUD 0.9.2
root (hd0,0)
kernel /xpud-0.9.2-image noisapnp quiet lang=en screen=1024x786 
You can also boot the ISO image by using Grub2:
menuentry "xPUD 0.9.2" {
loopback loop (hd0,0)/xpud-0.9.2.iso
linux(loop)/boot/xpud isofrom=/xpud-0.9.2.iso noisapnp quiet 
initrd   (loop)/opt/media
New Features
New SysTray and Improved Backup/Restore

We re-write the SysTray with iconified style, also provide an on-screen notification, and little tweaks of shutdown dialog.
PageCurl and WebApp mode

Plate now supports WebApp mode, that open web page directly within UI, and we're working on a window control feature called PageCurl.
Opt-Get App Store

You can install applications by using Opt-Get and the online App Store. For example if you want to have Dropbox, which is pretty neat for netbook, you can simply click on it, and it will be downloaded, installed and kept for you to use next time.

You can also pre-download opt plugins, and put them under opt/ directory of your USB drive, they'll be auto loaded while xPUD is booting.
Updated system and File tab

Based on latest Ubuntu 9.10 repository and Linux Kernel 2.6.31, xPUD 0.9.2 comes with support of total 15 different languages, and now we have Xorg and PCManFM built into core. The porting of ARM and MIPS architectures had also been done.
Due to the small size, xPUD comes with limited drivers and applications. You can extend the functionalities of xPUD by using Opt-Get software plugin system.
Download these Opt plugins, and put them under opt/ directory of your bootable device, they'll be auto loaded while xPUD is booting.

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