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Thursday, February 18, 2010

burning .MDF and .MDS files

How to mount and burn .MDF and .MDS Files with Alcohol 120 free

Use Astroburn for burning mds/mdf files. It comes with Daemon Tools.
Open ISO buster, browse for your MDS or MDF files and just add them, save the out come to a new location and then burn to disc! Also does bin/cue/data  file formats
mdf and mds files are frequently seen on torrent networks.
To burn these files, you’ll need special software packages.
mdf and mds files are types of CD and DVD image files. Only certain software packages will read and burn these types of files. Alcohol-Soft (Trialware)
Install the software and select the mds file. The mds file basically contains the information the software needs to burn the mdf image file.
Both of these software packages will either allow you to run the image file from a simulated CD/DVD drive… or it will allow you to actually burn the image to a real CD/DVD disc.

You can use iso buster to change the file from mds or mdf to bin by opening the image and then right clicking on where it says cd in the left colum and then pick extract to .tao , .bin. i did it and it made a bin file. 
1. Get 'ISO buster' from
2. Open ISO buster and in the top left corner open 'File' then 'Image file' Now browse to the file you want.
3. Create a folder in windows.
4. Drag/Drop the files into the new file you just made.
5. Burn the outcome.
You can test your CD without burn it !! Try daemon tools, its program create a virtual cd drive in yourPC

UltraISO Is Much Better, Supports All File Types And May Other Features. A*

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