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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Granting access to files in Win7

The first of all I'm an experienced user of windows based systems and Linux too.
I have had a similar unsolvable problem with a permissions to the folders/executable files stored in another partition than system (on d:\) on windows 7. After a (clean) new installation windows 7 RC 64bit ENG (code 7100.0.090421) to c:\ I tried to grant a permission to folders/executable files on d:\ makes before on windows XP 32 bit as administrator.
I used the same setup correctly typed here:
1. login user as administrator with administrator's rights
2. Take Ownership as Administrators (administrators group)
3. Assign full access rights control permissions to Administrators group.
4. restart PC and check ownership and permissions of folder/exec. file as administrators group.
But after that windows 7 were not able to access to the folder at all ("You don't currently have permission to access this folder"). I tried to find out any solution via google or windows forum but without any successes.

Actually I reinstalled windows 7 again and I had a new problem. Some executable files downloaded and stored on d:\ on the previous installation of windows 7 (mostly marked in different color because archive), I was not able to open/execute. Windows typed me "You don't have permission to open this file" or some times more simple "access denied".
It was suprise, because on the second installation of windows 7 I have had the same user rights (and ownership and accesses rights too) as the first installation windows 7. I tried to open this files on windows XP, but when I execute the files it typed "file is broken".
I think that problem was in a certificate of windows 7 used during storing files on NTFS saved in operational memory. Because between the 1st installation and the 2nd installation of windows 7 was PC only rebooted (no shut down).
When I copy my image of the partition of windows XP to the disc C:\ and shut down PC and reboot, I successfully execute some downloaded files on the 1st installation of windows 7
Windows 7 RC 64 bit (code 7100.0.090421) have a big problem with grant access to control folders/files. When the file has stored you would not be able to open them in other windows system (with the same ownership and accesses, indeed).
I returned to my windows XP / Ubuntu and waiting if Microsoft release patch for this. If not, many people will have similar problems like me/you.
From Zidane24:
File Type: zip Ownership Changer (1.0 KB,)

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