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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Impulsando su negocio

Bootstrapping your business today
Before I helped launch in June 2006, I edited another blog called simply The Upstart Entrepreneur.
The premise was simple. Instead of writing long complicated business plans, the blog was just a place to sketch out a variety of my more creative business ideas in the hopes that investors might contact me if interested and a more detailed plan could be created.
Well, it was felt at the time that business ideas weren't really a commodity on line, so I switched to a blog dealing with how to go about launching some of those good ideas without need for elusive venture capital or other financing-in short a bootstrap approach.
More than 500 posts and a year and a half later I am yearning to share some of the bootstrap ideas I've been developing knowing that practically I will be unlikely to attempt all of them.
In keeping with a post at the beginning of January urging entrepreneurs to make 2008 the year they launch their bootstrap venture and inspired by John Crickett, who has been so kind to naming it among his top 100 favorite business blogs, I've decided to begin a new series of posts along these lines.
The concept? Provide realistic ideas that could help entrepreneurs to start and grow a business through bootstrapping this year.
I'll be building a new MySpace Group specifically designed to support this new direction for the blog and space on Yuwie as well to build as much awareness as possible.
We also welcome comments from the business community, ideas from readers and comments if you've found any of these ideas helpful. Bootstrapping ideas are coming soon as a special new feature for Keep reading to find out more.

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