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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Change the default english locale to spanish (es_BO)

Change language in Ubuntu installed by Wubi

open a terminal (Applications -Accessories -Terminal)
sudo aptitude install language-pack-es
this will install Spanish language
now in the login screen you can change the language
press Ctrl-Alt-Backspace for login
select your language from the language menu

Based on
System -Administration -Language Support
Click on Spanish -Apply

System -Preferences -Keyboard -Layouts
Click your keyboard -close

System -SCIM Input Method Set Up -Global Set Up
Select your keyboard

Still in SCIM Global Set Up
Click in Turn on (cursor should be in there)
Push button or buttons to toggle between English and Spanish

Now at the log in menu, click on sessions and set the desired language.
You can toggle between Spanish and English by pushing the button or buttons that you set to toggle with.

Based on
Changing the default locale is a little different on Ubuntu that in other Distros:

To check which locale you currently have as your default just run:  

Add the locale to the list of 'supported locales'
Edit /var/lib/locales/supported.d/local and add the following line:
es_BO ISO-8859-1

Regenerate the supported locales
Run sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales

Change the default locale
Edit /etc/environment or /etc/default/locale and ensure the LANG and LANGUAGE lines read as follows:


Rerun locale to check that your default locale is now es_BO


1 Preliminary Note

If you're using a system with a desktop environment like Gnome or KDE you should use its tools to configure the default language and the keyboard layout. In the following steps I'll show you how to change the default language and the keyboard layout within the console on various distributions.

2 Fedora 8 Server / CentOS 5.x

2.1 Default Language


2.2 Keyboard Layout


3 Debian Etch Server

3.1 Default Language

dpkg-reconfigure locales

3.2 Keyboard Layout

dpkg-reconfigure console-data

4 Ubuntu 7.10 Server

4.1 Default Language

sudo set-language-env -E

4.2 Keyboard Layout

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

5 Mandriva 2008 Server

5.1 Default Language


5.2 Keyboard Layout


6 Suse 10.X Server

6.1 Default Language

Select "System" on the left side and then "Language" on the right side. Change the language and save the settings with "Accept" 

6.2 Keyboard Layout
Select "Hardware" on the left side and then "Keyboard Layout" on the right side. Change the keyboard layout and save the settings with "Accept".

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