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Friday, March 19, 2010

Windows 7: a patch against pirate copies

Microsoft announced a few hours ago, from 16 February next (tomorrow) an update of technology to enable Windows 7 will KO all the pirated copies in circulation. 
Microsoft has decided to put an end to piracy, and especially to all the illegal copies of its new operating system, offering from 16 February an update that will stay alive only legally licensed operating systems. The goal announced by the software giant is unclear, since the update will identify no less than 70 methods of falsification of activation of Windows 7. Proposed as a volunteer at the sites download Windows Genuine Download Center and Microsoft, the software will reach by the end of the month the list of automatic updates and Windows Update will be reported as a major update.
Joe Williams, head of Microsoft’s Genuine Windows team, stresses that the update of Windows 7 will not affect the user’s privacy and not publish the personal information of the user. Although the upgrade, in fact, contact Microsoft servers (probably to report abuse), it does not transmit any information identifiable. If the update identifies a version of Windows 7 pirated, the user will be alerted by an error message on the status of his license.
The background will disappear making room for a black background, which will be presented a message inviting the user to type the activation code on his license to prove the authenticity of his version of Windows 7.

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