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Sunday, March 28, 2010


This is a term used in the areas of information security, IT security, network security and computer security.
De-perimeterisation is a concept/strategy used to describe protecting an organisation's systems and data on multiple levels by using a mixture of encryption, inherently-secure computer protocols, inherently-secure computer systems and data-level authentication rather than the reliance of an organisation on its (network) boundary to the Internet.
Successful implementation of a de-perimeterised strategy within an organisation thus implies that the perimeter, or outer security boundary, could be removed.
Variations of the term have been used to describe aspects of de-perimeterisation such as;
  • "You’ve already been de-perimeterised" to describe the Internet worms and viruses which are designed to by-pass the border using web and e-mail [5].
  • "re-perimeterisation" to describe the interim step of moving perimeters to protection groups of computer servers or a data centre – rather than the perimeter.
  • "Macro-Perimeterisation" the act of moving the security perimeter into "the cloud", see Security As A Service, examples of such security services in the cloud are exemplified by email cleaning services or proxy filtering services provided by towers in the internet.
  • "micro-perimeterisation" moving the security perimeter to surround the data itself, interim steps might include moving the primeter around individual computer systems or an individual application (consisting of a cluster of computers)

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