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Friday, March 12, 2010

Windows 7 install from UFD

Install Windows7 on to a Acer Netbook from a USB Flash Drive
step 1Extract MBRWizard & Format Flash Drive
Download and Extract MBRWizard on your hard drive.  To simplify things later, copy mbrwiz.exe to your local disk C:\. Connect your USB Flash Drive to your computer and Format the USB drive.  To Format a USB Flash Drive Go to My Computer Right click on USB drive and select Format from context menu.

step 2Convert Flash Drive from Fat32 to NTFS file system
Now go to Start Menu Run cmd (Command Prompt)  and Type the following command: convert Y: /fs:ntfs    (Where “Y” is your USB drive letter).  This will convert the USB Flash drive from a fat32 to a NTFS file system.

step 3Insert Windows 7 DVD or mount Windows 7 ISO image
Insert your Windows 7 DVD or mount your Windows 7 ISO image as drive (You can use MagicDisc or any other Virtual Drive program)

step 4MBRWiz to set the Flash Drive as Active
Type Start run cmd (Command Prompt) Now dir to directory where you have extracted MBRWiz and run following commands. mbrwiz.exe /list  (note the disk number of your USB Pen drive) mbrwiz.exe /disk=X /active=X   (X is Disk Number of your USB Drive) exit

step 5Make the Flash Drive Bootable
Now open another command window and type following command: J:   (Drive letter of Windows 7 DVD or ISO mounted image) CD boot bootsect /nt60 Y:  (Y is drive letter of your USB drive )

step 6Copy Windows 7 to Flash Drive
Now copy all files from your CD/DVD drive or where you have mounted a Windows 7 ISO image.

step 7Acer Netbook BIOS boot order
Plug your newly created Windows7 Flash Drive into your Acer Netbook and Power it up.  We need to change to boot order so that the Netbook will boot from the Flash drive first. At the Acer boot screen, hit F2 to enter the system BIOS. Navigate to the Boot tab. Use F6 and F5 to move your USB Flash Drive to the top of the list. Hit F10 and save your settings.

step 8Installing Windows 7 on Acer Netbook
After saving your BIOS changes, the computer will restart and boot from your USB Flash Drive.  The installing will ask you which partition you would like to install Windows7 to.  Choose the larger Partition2.  Leave the OEM Partion1 intact.  This is the factory restore partition which contains the original OS files that shipped with your computer.  This partition allow…

step 9Important thing to know!
During the install process, the computer will reboot.  When this happens, Hit F2 at the Acer screen to enter the BIOS.  You need to change to boot order back so that the hard drive is listed first.  If not, the computer will boot from the USB drive again and want to start the install process from the beginning.  Putting the hard drive first in the boot list will then…

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