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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Comodo Unite -error code 103

Your Remote Desktop Sharing session has ended. Error code: 103
I had this problem when I had more than one computer logged-on on the same account.  This is a serious design problem with Comodo Unite.  Hamachi for instance gives each computer a unique name tag on the VPN, but Unite does not.  So if you have more than one computer running on the same account, which one is receiving or sending desktop requests?  All the computers are trying to access the same port.  The only way to create a unique name tag on a computer is to create another account and log onto it, which means a different email identifier.
  If you had more than one computer logged-on the same account, all computers will list in 'My Computers' netgroup in Unite, with each computer's name, which you could find the computers' property.
       User could send desktop request to specified one computer by selecting it with context menu.
       Or you mean user should edit each computer's name in 'My Computers' list locally so he could identify them out, that's should be a good idea
 My solution was to check all access box's in my server(Windows 2008R2) firewall access under the Comodo Unite program. 
The few problems I had in remote desktops was solved by doing the same with their respective firewalls too.

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