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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Managing networks in windows 7

There isn’t an easy way to set the category of an Unidentified network in Windows 7 RC+ builds. By default, an Unidentified network will be set to Public for security. Often, the Unidentified network is setup intentionally (e.g. two machines connected via a hub; a network TV tuner, etc.). In these cases, Home/Work is a better category to allow common network tasks to succeed.
Below is a Powershell script to change the category from Public to Work (identical to Home, except Homegroup won’t be started up). You need to be already connected to the ‘Unidentified network’ prior to running this script.

  1. Save the script locally as ChangeCategory.ps1 (say under c:\)
  2. Launch an elevated Powershell command window
  3. Change your execution policy to allow the script to run (if not already changed)
    PS{greatherthen} set-executionpolicy remotesigned
  4. Run the script
    PS{greatherthen} c:\ChangeCategory.ps1
At the end of this, the category for the Unidentified network will show as Work in Network and Sharing Center. This setting is not persisted across re-connects and you will require to run the script again to change the category. Be sure to run the script only for networks that you trust since this affects the firewall profile that will be used.
in the Network and Sharing Center and I cannot change it, it is read only there!

  1. What steps did you perform in Network and Sharing Center to change "Public Network" and to what did you want it to change?
  2. What happens when you click or dbl-click the Public Network icon in Network and Sharing Center.
Normally,with admin privileges,when you click or dbl-click(depending on Folder Options you have set in your system) the link associated with your network icon in Network and Sharing Center, you should be able to get the Network Location screen with the 3 choices as shown in the attached image.

You can then click on Home Network and then the name change occurs and you can click Close.

If this is not possible, the best thing is to Setup your Wireless Network all over again making sure to give your Wireless network a Unique SSID and A strong Encryption and Passphrase and connect.

Had you followed the Win 7 Beta setup carefully in a "Win7-hardware-qualified computer" that is already part of an existing Wireless or Wired [or mix of both] homenetwork the "Win 7 Computer" would boot to its Desktop with an already setup Internet connection. If all other Computers are already using the default Workgroup name = WORKGROUP , your Win 7 computer would automatically come as part of that Homenetwork.

If you had to do a lot of Driver troubleshoot especially with Ethernet and Wireless adapters you lose the opportunity to have the above smooth setup Windows 7 has been showing consistently in all the computers I have tried this Beta OS. Basically, if your computer has run VISTA without any hardware issues, you are more likely to have a very smooth sail.

If you need further help, please give us your hardware SPECS of the Computer and devices you have problems and the events leading up to the problem and the steps you have already taken to solve the issue.

For Unidentified Networks
1. See: How to Set Unidentified Networks to be a Private or Public Network Location

For Identified Networks
1. Open the Control Panel (all items view), and click on the Network and Sharing Center icon.

2. Under Network, click on either the Home network, Work network, or Public network link depending on what you currently have selected as your network location. (see screenshot below)
Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-step1.jpgNetwork Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-work_step2.jpg
Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-public_step2.jpg
3. Select a location that fits your network location needs. (see screenshot below)
Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-step2.jpg
4. If prompted by UAC, then click on Yes.

5. The network location has now been changed to what you selected in step 3. Click on Close. (see screenshots below)
Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-step3_home.jpgNetwork Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-step3_work.jpg
Network Location - Set as Home, Work, or Public Network-step3_public.jpg
6. When done, close the Network and Sharing Center.
Deleting the Network
    • 1
      Login to your computer as an administrator and click on the Start button.
    • 2
      Click "Control Panel." Click the category button under "viewby" in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click "Classic View" in Windows Vista or "Large Icons" in Windows 7.
    • 3
      Click "Network and Sharing Center" from the icons that appear. Click "Customize" in Windows Vista or click "Manage Wireless Networks," located on the left, in Windows 7.
    • 4
      Click "Customize" in Windows Vista and then click "Merge or delete network location." Highlight the network you want to remove and click "Delete." In Windows 7, right click on the network you would like to remove and click "Remove network."
    Starting a New Network
    • 5
      Go to the "Network and Sharing center" by clicking Start, then control panel. Click "Viewby" and click "Classic Icons" in Windows Vista or "Large icons" in Windows 7. Click "Network and Sharing center."
    • 6
      Click "Set up a new connection or network" from the "Change your network settings" section. Click "Set up a new network" and make sure that all devices--printers, computers, etc.--that you want to be on the network are currently turned on. Click "Next."
    • 7
      Choose your router or other device you would like to network from the list, click "next" and follow the instructions.

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