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Thursday, September 27, 2012

OpenWRT -Compatible Hardware supported_routers_-_tested_routers

This page contains compatibility tables for various router and non router models.
Note: As of autumn 2009, this page is still in the process of being ported over from OpenWrt's old wiki. So if you do not see your router on this page, additionally consult the old table of hardware.
A very reliable way to check for existing support is to take a look at The devices are sorted by target rather than manufacturer and if there is an image for the device, it should work (Bleeding Edge does contain bugs).
Supported Hardware - Router type
Devices listed in this table have full or reasonably complete support and can be considered ready for use.
Target(s) Platform CPU Speed (MHz) Flash (MB) RAM (MB) Wireless NIC Wireless Standard Detachable Antennea Wired Ports VLAN Config USB Modem
DIR-600 B1, B2 trunk (>R29612) ramips RaLink RT288x/RT305x WiSoC 320 4 32(3) Ralink RT3050F 802.11b/g/n 1 out of 1 integrated 5 10/100E Yes No No
D-Link DIR-300(B1)/DIR-600(B1 / B2)

D-Link DIR-300(B1)/DIR-600(B1/B2)

:!: Note: See D-Link DIR-300 for D-Link DIR-300 Rev.A1 (different hardware (HW))
:!: Note: See D-Link DIR-600 for D-Link DIR-600 Rev.A1 (different hardware (HW))
:!: Note: D-Link DIR-600 and DIR-300 Rev.B5 (current version on 08/2012 in EU) are based on the chipset RT5350 which is currently unsupported by openwrt. Don't buy…

Devices in this table will not run OpenWrt. Common reasons include:
  • insufficient quantity of flash (less then 4 MiB) or RAM (less then 16 MiB)
  • device is based on a platform with no Linux support (unless somebody is willing to write drivers from scratch)
  • device is too old (not obtainable any more, unimpressive technological features) to be worth the effort

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