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Friday, September 28, 2012

Zhone Paradyne 6211-I3-302 aDSL Router

when your ISP uses an ADSL router Zhone Paradyne
It seems that the Model doen't have a direct option to configure UPNP. However you can refer the following articles which might help you out

UPnP for the Zhone 6381-A4-200-1PR

Back to the Zhone 6381-A4-200-1PR

Screenshots from

>Advanced>UPnP --> UPnP --> SNTP --> Port Forwarding --> IP Filters --> LAN Clients --> LAN Isolation --> TR-068 WAN Access --> Bridge Filters --> Dynamic DNS Client --> IGMP Proxy --> Static Routing --> Dynamic Routing --> Policy Database --> Ingress --> Egress --> Shaper --> Access Control --> --> Log Out --> UPnP To enable UPnP, check the Enable UPnP box and select a connection below. Enable UPNP WAN Connection: TSML PPPoA TSML2 LAN Connection: None LAN group 1

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