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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AL-5302 FXS

MERILAT AL-5302 Ruteador para transmisión de datos AVBS7643
AL-5302 FXS Is what wroten in a box that is used as an ADAPTOR to make
phone calls through Voice over Internet Package ( VoIP ) This device
is manufactured in Taiwan.
The device is an AmeriLat AL-5302 FXS VoIP gateway. You can find
information about it at AmeriLat's website
( and you can contact for technical support.

Welltech commits to developing SIP based VoIP protocol. Based on this policy, We do not maintain H323 firmware at bug fixing and new features adding support at the following models. If the existing H323 firmware meets your target market and application, Welltech are willing to deliver H.323 product to market continuously. 

WellGate 3502A/3504A FXS is a two-port/four-port telephone extension to
IP network gateway and support H.323 v2/v3/v4 or SIP RFC 3261 protocol. It
provides telephone services and T.38 fax over IP network with easy operation
and configuration for ITSP/ISP (Internet Telephony Services Provider) and
Office/SOHO IP-PBX application.


  • Easy access to IP from phone set or PBX
  • Cost Saving - Telephone call from VPN or public Internet
  • Follows the existing telephone call dial plan
  • Easy interface to ADSL/Cable Modem or Leased line equipment
  • Easy to Integrate with all kinds of IP-PBXs
  • Provision Management via Welltech PRO-9500 Server

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