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Thursday, October 4, 2012

DD-WRT Micro Redboot

DD-WRT Micro Redboot is a modified ECOS Redboot by Sebastian Gottschall and puplishd unter the terms of GPL.
The target systems are right now Atheros AP48/51/61 (eg Fon Fonera, UBNT NS/PS. Dlink DIR300 rev.A, Senao EOC-2610), AR5312/5/6/7/8 and AR7100 (in progress). Support for more reference designs to come.
The benefits of Micro Redboot are its small size (Its about half the size of a standard Redboot for these targets), a built in TFTP-Server (like in UBNT devices) for easy flashing with dd-wrt webflash images and a very fast boot in about 5 to 6 sec.. Micro Redboot supports many varys of HW combinations so that its very likly that your Platform is supported.

  • *.rom = redboot for installing into flash
  • *.elf = *.ram = redboot for executing out of ram
Supported hardware
The following HW is supported at the time of writing
Switch HW
  • admtek
  • icplus
  • kendin (realtek phy)
  • marvel
Flash sizes
  • 4mb
  • 8mb
Most NOR flash chips should be supported, but no guarantee on this. If not Micro Redboot will display the required ID's for implementation and you have to contact the dev´s.
RAM sizes
  • 16mb
  • 32mb
Micro Redboot access

"Virgin" Redboot
The first time Micro Redboot is installed and not configured or if you use Micro Redboot.ram and can reach the Redboot directly on 9000 cause it doesnt try to boot and will be in waiting state.
Redboot already installed and configured
Many settings in Micro Redboot are hardcoded to prevent changes by mistake.
Press the reset button for 1 sec at powercyle to enable redboot access. You can access it with Telnet at port 9000 for the time set in "Boot script timeout".
If you press the reset button for >= 5 sec the device will be reseted to defaults (reset nvram) as known.
And if pressed for more than 10 sec redboot and the tftp server for recovery will be enabled at Use Tftp_flash for flashing.

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