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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Dotcom and
Kim Dotcom Reveals Mega's User Count
The just weeks-old website has crossed the three million registered user threshold.
Following a dramatic year of legal battles with the US over his website "Megaupload," Kim Dotcom launched its replacement, "Mega," just weeks ago. Amidst the buzz about the website's controversy as well as its perks, Dotcom has managed to get his user base up to three million in just several weeks. With the US still seeking his extradition for an accused $500 million worth of losses in copyright infringement from Megaupload, Dotcom has placed himself as a soldier for internet privacy and freedom. "Mega is not just a company," he posted, "it's a belief. It's a mission. It's a guardian angel of our rights, freedom, and privacy."
Aside from points of principle, users are also signing up for the massive storage space they get with a free membership. In fact, the unpaid storage allowance is 50GB. By comparison, Dropbox offers 2GB with a free membership. Users are also taking advantage of the apparent security f the website, which allegedly uses military-grade encryption to protect users' data. According to the official Mega Blog, all of the security issues with the site are posted as they are discovered, allowing for complete transparency. Users of Mega are looking forward to the future as well. With a focus on privacy, the website is to be expanded into the social media, email, and video chat markets among others. The web millionaire is certainly proud of the rapid growth of Mega, but he believes it is a reflection of what users want. "Mega's growing popularity is confirmation," he tweeted this morning. "Privacy matters."

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