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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

event id 8194 -VSS error

Error del Servicio de instantáneas de volumen: error inesperado al consultar la interfaz IVssWriterCallback. HR = 0x80070005, Acceso denegado.
[The Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) provides the ability to create a point
in time image (shadow copy) of one or more volumes that can be used to perform
backups. The service is also used during restores of applications.]
Error de Cobian Backup SW
Use last version of the Cobian program 
Usar la última versión que debe considerar tal error y tener la solución de acceso
Cobian, VSS and Windows Backup do not play nice togheter
EventID 8194 IVssWriterCallback interface. hr = 0x80070005
Error VSS
Deletion of Files
From the help file:
Create separated backups - (Default checked). If you select this check box, it will create a new file or directory every time the item is copied. The date and time will be used as a part of the new file name. Example: Item1 2002-01-11 ; 12; If unchecked, the destination files will be overwritten. There is one disadvantage in overwriting the backups: If the backup fails for some reason in the middle of the operation, you could end up having a bad backup , because the previous one will be replaced by a bad one. 
Backup VSS with no permissions
if you register the service with a user without administrative permissions, volume shadow copy gives an error about no permission on copy VSS.
where does VSS copy? in wich location is saved VSS files? is possible to give permisions to non administrative user to write there?
always I get the same error in almost all computers:
ERR 05/02/2009 13:00:03 Error atl Volume Shadow Copy at "CreateVssBackupComponents": Access denied
Cobian Backup vs. Vista 64
I'm using a Windows Vista-64 OS, going thru your FAQ I read about the following:
[..] Cobian Backup is a 32 bit application and, on 64 bit systems it must run under WOW64. This works fine on XP64 or Windows Server 2003 64 because 32 bit programs are allowed to call VSS from WOW64.
Vista and Windows Server 2008 don't allow that and VSS must be called as a native 64 bit application, which means that you can't use VSS from Cobian Backup on Vista 64 at this moment. A solution for this issue could be found in the future.
As I don't know if this info is still up-to-date, I tried to backup my Outlook .PST file while MS Outlook was running and I got the error in the log.
- I'm not familiar with VSS, is there any way to have my .PST backed up with MS Outlook running on my Vista-64 system?
- If not, I thought to have your program running a batch file before starting the backup in order to prompt me to close Outlook. It may be a suggestion for you: in the "events before a backup" window, along with currently supported events it might be useful adding the possibility for users to choose popping-up a customizable message suggesting to close some running apps before starting the actual backup. 
Problem with VSS and idea on Vista x64
There is a problem with VSS and Vista x64 (it has already been reported). I have an idea that could help to solve the problem.
I have seen on the web a program that allows to copy a file / directory with sub directories into another directory, and this program uses the VSS. Would it be possible to add an option to launch the program (Hobocopy) to copy the files that can not be copied to a temp directory (or even better, to use this program to copy the complete directory where there is an error in the copy), and then to copy the files from the temp directory to the bacup after that?ROTF
The program (hobocopy)
Id. de suceso 8194 se registra en el registro de aplicación al instalar el sistema Office 2007 en un equipo basado en Windows Vista

El programa de instalación de 2007 Office system, crea un punto de restauración. Este punto de restauración permite a los usuarios revertir el sistema al estado que existía antes de la instalación. Para crear el punto de restauración, el programa de instalación utiliza Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS). VSS se determina que se ha producido un error del escritor del sistema y, a continuación, registra el error que se menciona en la sección "Síntomas". Sin embargo, el programa de instalación se completa correctamente y el punto de restauración se ha creado correctamente. Por lo tanto, puede pasar por alto el evento que se registra en el registro de aplicación. 

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