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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Macrium Reflect and RAID

When restoring the operating system to a drive, disconnect all the other drives.
Another piece of information that may be of value to Macrium users is that I found the solution to the problem below:
PROBLEM: When booting from the Macrium Reflect Rescue CD (WIN PE) at first all goes well and it says it is loading up Windows. However, it then halts and you just see a grey screen with a cursor on it and nothing more happens.
The fix to the problem is to go into the BIOS and change the protocol for the CD/DVD drive from AHCI (or whatever it is) to IDE. Note that when I prepared the WIN PE Rescue CD I had installed all the drivers as specified in one of your articles, so installing the AHCI driver on the Rescue Disk does not overcome this problem. The CD/DVD drive must be set to IDE.

The 32 bit and 64 bit rescue CD's are functionally identical, and the 32 bit rescue CD will recover any image to any PC. When you populate the drivers folder you must add drivers for the same architecture as Windows PE, in your case 32 bit.
Restoring an image of Windows 7 from RAID enabled to non-RAID will be OK using either the Linux or Windows PE rescue CD.
The restore wizard shows images not files. By this I mean, if an image is split into multiple files, as is the case with FAT32, then you will only see one entry per image by date, not multiple files.
How many images have you created?
Can you see your image files if you browse the backup folder using PE Explorer?
I suggest you use DiskRestore to recover your partitions. DiskRestore can recover multiple partitions at once and is an easier option to use for Windows 7 systems using the MSR partition. For more info on Windows 7 image and restore considerations please see here:
To run DiskRstore take the 'File' > 'DiskRestore' menu option in Windows PE.
Thank you for your suggestion re rescue CD compatibility. When you create the Linux rescue CD there is a warning dialog that indicates the need to check for compatibility but perhaps we should make this clearer.
Questions relating to Macrium Reflects support for RAID Systems.
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2. Does Macrium Reflect support RAID ?
3. Do I need to configure my RAID system in any way ?
4. What about support in rescue environments ?
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