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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

event ID 4319 -NBT error

A duplicate name has been detected on the TCP network.  The IP address of the machine that sent the message is in the data. Use nbtstat -n in a command window to see which name is in the Conflict state.
nbtstat -A gives a conflict status on <00> and <20> on 1 of my domain controllers upon which I recently changed IP address.
Answer: The "Duplicate name exists" error indicates the (NetBIOS) name of the Windows computer conflicts with some other name on the network. Most commonly, this happens when another Windows computer on the local network uses the same name. This error can also occur when one of the connected Windows workgroups has the same name as the computer. "Duplicate name exists" errors prevent a Windows computer from joining the network. The computer will start up and function in an offline mode only. To resolve this error, simply change the name of the computer to one that is not used by other local computers (or Windows workgroups), then reboot.
Note that a network administrator should also verify the Windows Internet Naming Service (WINS) is up to date. In rare instances, "Duplicate name exists" is a false error reported when old information is stored in the WINS database.
First you should make sure that your server IP isn't in a DHCP scope. If it is, change the scope or make an exception.
If not, find the system causing the IP conflict. When your server goes down due to IP conflict, take that opportunity to turn off your NIC and ping -a serverIP to get a name. (of course, easier if computer names are based by room or user)
You could get on the DNS server and look at what names are resolved to the IP. If there is a conflict you should be able to see what machines have that ip.
If you want avoid IP Conflict, you can have many ways.
First, using nbtstat -A command.. you can find who use your IP address.
Second method is install IP conflict protection firewall.. something like IP Holder (it can found from google). This will be remove your conflict popup message on your SERVER or PC. Also it protect your ip address from other user. If you install it the other user never use your ip address.
wins is netbios name resolution
dns is domain name resolution
They are not the same :-)
This error
""Can't find server name for address 192.x.x.x: No response from server".
is usually a result of being on a workstation whos dns entries point to the isps dns server not the local MS dns server.
Confirm the workstations dns entries in tcp/ip
The dns entries are on the particular server I am having periodic issues with (so they are not pointing to the ISP). The problem arises only after some hours, wherein AD will not open ("Network path was not found"), and nslookup ceases to work ("Can't find server name for address 192.x.x.x").
If I have already opened AD before this fault, I can still use it. Both the opening of AD and nslookup work fine for some hours after a reboot. Sometimes, clearing out the security log and restarting: NT LM Security Support Provider, DNS, and WINS clears the fault for some hours. Otherwise, only rebooting clears it.
I didn't ask about the server. I asked about a workstation and what it was pointed to for dns.
I would suspect the name conflict error you are referring to is what is making your server unreachable.

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