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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

EPub software

Electronic Publication (EPUB)
EPUB logo.svg
Filename extension .epub
Internet media type application/epub+zip (unofficial[1])
Developed by International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF)
Initial release September 2007
Latest release 3.0 / October 11, 2011[2]
Type of format e-book file format
Contained by OEBPS Container Format (OCF) (ZIP)
Extended from Open eBook, XHTML, CSS, DTBook
Website IDPF Home Page
EPUB (short for electronic publication; alternatively capitalized as ePub, ePUB, EPub, or epub, with "EPUB" preferred by the vendor) is a free and open e-book standard by the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). Files have the extension .epub.
EPUB is designed for reflowable content, meaning that an EPUB reader can optimize text for a particular display device. EPUB also supports fixed-layout content. The format is intended as a single format that publishers and conversion houses can use in-house, as well as for distribution and sale. It supersedes the Open eBook standard.[3]


History EPUB became an official standard of the IDPF in September 2007, superseding the older Open eBook standard.[4]================== 
Name EPUB MathML support Platform notes
Adobe Digital Editions EPUB3 partial no cf. BISG Windows, Mac
Aldiko EPUB2? unknown Android
Azardi Online EPUB3 yes via MathJax web-based
Azardi Desktop EPUB3 yes via Gecko Windows, Mac, Linux
Blio EPUB2? unknown Windows, Windows Phone 7, iOS, Android
bluefire reader EPUB2? unknown iOS EPUB3? browser-dependent web based MathML will render as well as the browser allows
Cainteoir EPUB2, partial EPUB3 no Linux focus on text-to speech, open source, gtk and CLI clients
Calibre EPUB2 yes via MathJax Windows, Mac, Linux javascript support, open source
Coolreader EPUB2 no Android
Dolphin Easy Reader EPUB3(?) yes, via MathPlayer Windows only
EPUBReader EPUB2? yes via Gecko Firefox add-on
Evolu-Group Eqate EPUB2? yes via MathJax iOS white label
FBreader EPUB2 unknown
open source, text-to-speech
Go Read EPUB2 planned via MathJax Android open source, TTS, Bookshare support
Helicon books Gyan reader EPUB3 via MathJax Android looking for sponsors to become opensource
ibis reader EPUB2 unknown web-based
iBooks EPUB3 via Safari iOS javascript support
Ideal eBook reader EPUB3 planned Android (in beta) javascript support
Ingram VitalSource Bookshelf EPUB3 Yes via MathJax Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web-based
Kobo Reader epub3 unknown Kobo eReader, HTML5 app, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Blackberry
KooBits epub2? unknown Windows
Lektz epub3 see notes Android, iOS, Chrome app Chrome app looks like Readium, uses MathJax
Lucifox EPUB2? via Gecko Firefox Add-on
MagicScroll EPUB2? browser-dependent web-based MathML will render as well as the browser allows
Mantano Reader EPUB2 planned Android
MegaReader EPUB2? unknown iOS
Nook Apps EPUB2? unkown Windows, Mac, iOS, Android
Publiwide EPUB3 see notes multi-platform (Adobe flash/air) javascript support, MathML support: web-version depends on browser
Readium EPUB3 yes via MathJax Chrome App IDPF reference implementation, open source
Sony Reader Apps EPUB2 unknown Windows, Mac, Android, web-based
Amazon Kindle app no/KF8 no multi-platform (only for comparison)


We have found the following links useful.
Lektz reader  available for Android and iOS platforms, and it supports PDF, ePUB2 and ePUB3.
The latest update for Lektz Android Reader is available at the Google Play Store:
DEAL Group’s Fully-Accessible, Android-Based, ePub3 Reader
Steve Jacobs, President
IDEAL Group, Inc. and,
CEO, Apps4Android, Inc.
For Firefox, add Lucifox. Lucifox is an ePub addon, It's similar in concept to EPUBReader, but does not require a catalog or keep a copy of the ePub volume in the Firefox profile directory. It's no longer in development, but is still available through the Mozilla Addons sire. See
For Mozilla, there was also Lucidor, and ePub reader app implemented using the Mozilla XULRunner Gecko runtime. Lucidor was cross-platform, and would run where XULRunner did. (I have it up under Windows and Linux.) It's no longer in development and the original website is now a placeholder. You can still get the XULRunner version it used (1.9.2) from Mozilla's FTP site, and copies of the Windows and Linux packages can still be found on third-party sites.

chrome extensions page
If you want to give the latest release a whirl, use teh one click install link below to add the extension to chrome.
  • FBReader is a multi-platform e-book reader. Free for use, sources are available under the GPL.
  • FBReader supports popular e-book formats like ePub, fb2, mobi, html, plain text, and a lot of other formats.
  • FBReader provides access to popular network libraries that contain a large set of e-books. Download books for free or for a fee. Add your own catalog.
  • FBReader is highly customizable. Choose colors, fonts, page turning animations, etc. to make reading as convenient as you want.


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