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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Acronis managed machine service is unavailable

To resolve the issue you should have restarted the services:
* Go to Start -> Run -> services.msc
* Right-click on the following Acronis services, and click on Restart:
- Acronis Managed Machine Service;
- Acronis Remote Agent;
- Acronis Scheduler2 Service.
- Windows is unable to appropriately connect to Acronis Machine Service, hence the reported error.
- Windows is unable to register the created Acronis User as a user with log on as a service RIGHTS.
- Some Windows' files are not available for modification during installation.
- In case you ignore the default user, the user to be used must be an Administrator with the above rights.
- Go to SERVICES and restart The affected service until the error message disappears
- If you're using a normal Windows Admin user, right click the affected service and SELECT properties
- click the LOG ON tab and check "This account" (specify your system Admin account using the full domain syntax)
- put the current system Admin password and click APPLY
- You will get a message telling you that the Account has been granted the Log On As A Service right.
- STOP and RESTART the service or
- Do a Reboot
1. You will have to go through the procedure above every time you change your Admin password. I think that's the idea behind the dedicated default Acronis Agent User account suggested during Installation.
2. You may have to do several reboot in order to get the service started the first time.
3. Ensure the appropriate port is opened if you're using any third party FIREWALL.
1. Programs > Administrative Tools > Services.
2. Right click on "Acronis Managed Service" and Properties
3. Click on the Log On tab.
4. Enter your new password and click "Apply" and "OK"
I set the service to manual. I created a batch file to ( net start MMS ) then created a shortcut to Runas Administrator and placed the shortcut in the startup all user folder. No more error just see the flash of the batch file.
MMS is the service name for the Acronis service causing the issue.
By the way, (as a quick fix) to stop my computer from blue screening on reboot, I booted into Safe Mode and re-disabled the three services:
- Acronis Managed Machine Service;
- Acronis Remote Agent;
- Acronis Scheduler2 Service.
after doing that it would reboot and start fine.
To properly use Acronis product you need a user that has "log on as service" rights, after looking in system services I found out that Acronis Remote Agent is running as Local Service. I forced the service to run as the user that has the "log on as service" rights and now can with no father problems connect both locally and remotely to with menagment console.
Actually, the Agent reinstallation should solve the issue.  
Problem solved by the german support professionals.
Uninstall with revo uninstaller
then abr_cleanup.exe and
then reinstalling.
Not nice but works
One reason why "Acronis Managed Machine Service is unavailable" will show up is when the user account name or password that Acronis is using to connect is changed (this just happened to me when my domain account password expired and I couldn't get the service to restart because of a login failure but I didn't want to uninstall the software).
To fix this access the services console (e.g. in Windows XP right click My Computer -> Manage -> Services and Applications -> Services), right-click on the Acronis Managed Machine Service, left-click Properties, left-click the Log On tab, and then set the appropriate username and password and click OK.
Here is a detailed solution to the problem (for my particular problem):
Acronis Secure Zone had filled up and was not deleting older archives that I had thought it would do. When a job would run, it would hang because the SZ was full. This created a very large log file in the "\ProgramData\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\LogEvents" and/or "\ProgramData\Acronis\BackupAndRecovery\MMS\LogContexts" folder (I forget which one). This huge log file causes the MMS service to hang up and give you the "Cannot connect to 'localhost'" error. Deleting this log file allows the service to start normally, but eventually the problem will happen again if the the SZ problem is not fixed.
The overall cause of my problem was several things:
1) My job option "Error handling" was set to "Do not show messages and dialog boxes while processing (silent mode)"
2) My job option "Clean up archive" was set to "When there is insuffiecent space while backing up"
This combination causes it to fail. Apparently there is a "bug" that if you are running with Error Handling set to silent mode, it never kicks off a notification to the Clean up archive task and hence the job just sits sitting filling up the log file and eventually killing the MMS service. Alternatively, you can leave silent mode on but set the "Clean up archive" to "Use retention rules" which uses a scheduled task to clean the archive instead of relying on a notfication from the job.
I hope this helps others. I found this solution by gathering information from a few posts other people had made and eventually calling and working with Acronis Tier-2 support

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