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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nomad.NET - a powerful file manager written using .NET technology. For more information about program go to About page. If you want to see the roots of the project visit Old Nomad page. Roadmap page provides detailed information about past and future of this program. And of course you can always take a latest version from the downloads page.
Any news or other information directly or indirectly related to the project will be posted on the news page.
Old Nomad
Nomad is a powerful file manager written in Delphi language. This version is canceled and superseded by Nomad.NET
I was previously a fan and old user of Dos Navigator manager, but this program was abandoned, and their developers switched to another projects. As an old dos program DN stop satisfy my needs (a most disappointment is lack of long filenames support) so I decided to switch to another manager.
And I cannot find one that both powerful and good-looking. There was a couple of expensive Explorer replacements, FAR (also abandoned by author and now supported by community) and Window Commander (now Total Commander). FAR was not an option because it has old console look (I switch from console to windows, so I want all new beautiful interface), Windows Commander is powerful but sooo ugly.

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