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Friday, December 9, 2011


Install Linux Mint on Your Windows Computer or NetbookWould you like to try out the popular Linux Mint OS on your Windows computer or netbook?  Here’s how you can do it even without a CD/DVD drive with the Mint4Win installer.
Linux Mint
Linux Mint is an increasingly popular distribution of Linux, and many users have found it more user friendly and convenient than other versions.  Mint is based on Ubuntu, and as such includes an excellent installer that lets you install it directly from Windows.  You install it just like a standard Windows program, and can uninstall it from Command Prompt.  The installer is only available in a ISO disk image file, though, so it can still be difficult to install on a computer without a CD/DVD drive such as a netbook.  But, with a little trick, you can use the Windows installer for Mint on any PC, no DVD drive required!
Setup Virtual CloneDrive
Linux Mint is only available as an ISO file, so we’re going to mount the ISO file in a virtual CD Drive.  We recommend Virtual CloneDrive for this, so if you don’t already have it installed, download it (link below) and install as usual.
You may be prompted to install drivers during the Virtual CloneDrive setup; click Install to complete the installation.

For more information about Virtual CloneDrive, check out our article on Mounting an ISO image in Windows 7 or Vista.
Install Linux Mint in Windows with Mint4Win
Now download the latest version of Linux Mint from the link below.  Select the i386 Live CD edition.

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