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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Mandriva InstantOn 2010

1 Historia[2]
Mandriva surgió en 2005 como resultado de la fusión de la distribución francesa Mandrake Linux y la brasileña Conectiva Linux.
La primera edición se basó en Red Hat Linux v5.1 y escogió el entorno gráfico de KDE v1.0. Desde entonces ha seguido su propio camino, separado de Red Hat y ha incluido numerosas herramientas propias o modificadas, fundamentalmente dirigidas a facilitar la configuración del sistema. Mandrake (su anterior nombre) también es conocida por compilar sus paquetes con optimizaciones para procesadores Pentium y superiores, incompatibles con versiones más antiguas tales como 386 y 486 , La versión estable de Mandriva Linux es Hydrogen, y fue publicada el 28 de agosto de 2011.1
Todos los Intel, AMD y VIA.
Memoria y almacenamiento
RAM: 256MB minimo.
Sugerido: 1.4GB.
Tarjetas de video
ATI, Intel, SiS, Matrox, nVidia, Poulsbo, VIA.
Funciona solo en el modo 800×600, 16bit.
No maneja camaras web.
Tarjetas de sonido
Todas las Sound Blaster, tarjetas compatibles con AC97 y HDA.
No se recomienda en configuraciones de servidor. No admite controladoras RAID o SAS.
No admite particionado LVM.
No se puede instalar en dispositivos USB.
Encendido/Apagado del sistema sin tener que supender o hibernar.
Graphical server InstantOn uses the Xfbdev graphical server, from the TinyX project, to further reduce boot time. It has some drawbacks, like not being as configurable as Xorg server, and being limited to the modes supported by the framebuffer kernel driver (vesafb is used for InstantOn). It means that some widescreen resolutions (like 800x480 and 1024x600) can not be used with Xfbdev and the vesafb driver, only standard 4/3 resolutions can be used (800x600, 1024x768,1280x1024).
From the main desktop interface, go to Multimedia section, open User Files (which will run nautilus). From there, you can look for /usr/bin/xterm and run it.  
Changing the resolution step-by-step
Many novice or inexperienced users may need guidance in editing a file in console, especially with the vim editor deemed complex.
  1. Start Mandriva instanton, then browse through Multimedia > Personal folder.
  2. Click the "Back" to get to the root disk, then Scroll through the files "usr" and "bin", and finally start xterm, located towards the very end of the list of executables.
  3. Type the su - command, then the administrator password (mini).
  4. Type the following command : vim /boot/grub/menu.lst
  5. The vim editor opens the file containing the boot parameters, including the one of the resolution.
    1. Using the arrow keys (use the arrows left and right to go after the long drive), and place your cursor just after the value 'vga=788' located at the end of the first order.
    2. Press the 'Inser' button to activate the writing, erase the three numbers and replace them with the value corresponding to the resolution you want (such as vga=791 for a resolution of 1024x768, for other resolutions to see link above).
    3. Once the change is done, press the 'Escape' button and simply type :wq to save and quit.
  6. Type reboot to reboot immediately your computer and apply the changes.
InstantOn (pdf)
Download .torrent
459 MiB 
Descarga este torrent 
Mobile : InstantOn is the ideal fit for netbooks, laptops and MIDs. Thanks to its Wi-Fi and 3G compatibility (under the condition of compatibility) allied to the network center, it will be the perfect tool while traveling. Sharing. You can choose to install InstantOn by itself or to complement an Operating System (like Linux or Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7). Your data can still be available from your InstantOn
The root password usualy is root or toor or mini ...but you can allways change it by typeing the command "passwd root" in shell 
Mandriva InstantOn 2010 (i586) | 461 MB
The French company Mandriva has created a "light" operating system kernel-based Linux, designed for use on low-power computers.New software platform called Mandriva InstantOn. 
Its main advantage - high-speed downloading: a PC equipped with solid state drives based on flash memory, this process takes about 10 seconds. 
Booting from a traditional hard drive is a little longer - from 15 to 20 seconds.
Compared with normal distribution Mandriva Linux operating system is Mandriva InstantOn has a much smaller set of applications. The platform includes all the only thing necessary: browser Firefox 3.5.5, e-mail client Thunderbird, client Skype, Internet-pager Pidgin, Rhythmbox music player and some other programs.To work with Mandriva InstantOn enough 256 MB RAM and 1.4 GB of free disk space, processors are supported by AMD, Intel and VIA. Included in the OS-in wireless Wi-Fi and 3G. The system can be installed as an auxiliary - in addition, such as Windows XP.
Year: 2010
Version: 2010
Architecture: i586
Type discs: CD
Size: 461 MB
md5: 4c641f9c60245c1c83bf74084961d8cf 
or my download:
passwd: elvis
* Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 (con plugins de Flash y Java).
* Mail
* Mozilla Thunderbird
* Pidgin y Skype.
* Rythmbox, Totem, Eye of GNOME, manifiestan.
Requisitos mínimos de hardware
* Todos los procesadores Intel, AMD y chips de VIA.
Memoria & Almacenamiento
* RAM: 256MB mínimo.
Tarjeta de vídeo
* ATI, Intel, SIS, Matrox, Nvidia, Poulsbo, VIA.
* Sólo funciona en 800 × 600, 16 bits modo de visualización.
Tarjeta de sonido
* Sound Blaster Todos, AC97 y la HDA tarjetas compatibles.

Descarga 700 MB

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