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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Filemaker Pro on Wine

Wine HQ

According to the Wine Application Database (AppDB). Here you can get information on application compatibility with Wine.
Filemaker Pro
Easy to use and program relational database. Currently has native MAC and PC desktop and PC, MAC and Linux native Server Software.
10Version 10Bronze1.1.2920
10 AdvancedFilemaker Pro 10 for developers, the newest Filemaker software, compiled for Windows and Mac. Linux support is oddly missing, although Linux support was present in a previous version of Filemaker Server.Bronze1.1.4420
10 ServerFilemaker Server version 10Garbage1.1.3610
11This version of FileMaker runs well on wine. It is even FAST!Bronze1.3.2046
11 AdvancedVersion 11.0v2Silver1.3.1110
4.0The full 4.0 versionGold1.210
4.1Easy to use and program relational database. Currently has native MAC and PC desktop and PC, MAC and Linux native Server Software.Silver1.0.030
5.0Easy to use database program; nice frontend for 'real' odbc databases. Native mac & windows versions. Mac and Linux server.Gold1.1.4340
5.5Easy to use database program. Native mac & windows versions. Mac and Windows servers available.Silver1.0.130
6 UnlimitedA fantastic Database application, with a very short learning curve.Gold0.9.2.10
6.0According to this version debuted in 2002 and introduced:Bronze1.0-rc340
8.0Filemaker Pro 8.0 for WindowsBronze0.9.32.30
8.5Database software for Windows and Mac OS.Garbage0.9.40.30
8.5 AdvancedLike the Pro Version, just with some extra features like Runtime Applications.Platinum0.9.46.30
9.0 AdvancedThe newest version, including the developer features to create runtime solutionsBronze1.1.840
9.0 DemoDemo of Filemaker Pro v9Gold1.1.4240
I am able to run Filemaker 10 under Wine v1.1.9. I am running Fedora 10 x86_64. 
Estoy realmente cansado de todos los problemas que tengo con windows y sus usuarios; altos costos en antivirus y mantenimientos frecuentes por culpa de la gran cantidad de bots y virus imposibles de sacar que viajan en las redes de los clientes.
He instalado la version 8,5 usando wine bajo Ubuntu Hardy. No podía instalar el updater del 8,5 y era muy inestable y funcionaba realmente mal.
sin embargo tuve la idea de copiar los archivos de la carpeta /archivos de programa/filemaker de una instalación nativa de Windows donde ya estaba actualizado el FM en la instalación hecha en wine y el resultado fue sorprendentemente bueno. Funcionan perfectos los archivos alojados en otros host remotos, también funcionan las impresiones.
Pero, no funciona la definición de tablas y campos y aunque no estoy interesado en desarrollar desde linux sino que filemaker funcione perfectamente como cliente. Creo que falta definir algunas fuentes por que el listado de la definición de guiones también sale en blanco.
Es posible que solo sea necesario copiar algunas librerías originales de windows en wine para que todo funcione sin problemas. --por julian.maya » 05 May 2008
I installed FMPA 10 on Ubuntu 8.10 desktop (with Wine) and it works slick. I haven't found anything that isn't working. I can hit my server and everything. I am now off to Best Buy to pick up a $199 netbook and to enjoy the new found freedom
I have tried to get Filemaker 8,9 and 10 to work in Ubuntu 8.10 with various versions of Wine ranging from 1.0.1 , 1.0.9 , 1.0.13 and the new 1.0.14. I have also tried in openSUSE 11.1 with no luck. With any combination Filemaker Pro installed without errors. When I launch the program the splash screen is a black box with the text showing filemaker loading in the lower right side. It always stops at Mashq
Have attempted to use FMP 9 on Ubuntu 8.4 & many updates with Wine 1.0
Was able to install with no issues.
Can open with no issues
Can create tables and fields with some issues:
Not able to see table names as created but can see them in the table/field name area below as I click on the table/field area. "Feel this is an issue with Fonts." Have seen this type of issue in other apps on other platforms in the past.
Also experience lockups in "Layout Mode".
Can create solutions in Ubuntu 8.4 and open them on MS Windows with no issues.
Can create solutions on MS Windows and open them on Ubuntu 8.4 with no issues other than in "Layout Mode".
january 2009
I am able to run Filemaker 10 under Wine v1.1.9. I am running Fedora 10 x86_64.
Compare Filemaker under previous version wine and linux, this is by far the flawless i've ever seen.
NO problems connecting to a server over TCP/IP
Originally Posted by Frank Woolf View Post
It seems Filemaker has not followed Apple guidelines as now it doesn't work at all. (it is the only program of hundreds that does not work with leopard!) I have never liked Filemaker due to most file formats being about 20 years out of date, no SQL format, and being generally 1980s style software
I really need to find a good database that will run on a Linux server, can be used by non programmers
Those two things are mutually exclusive, unfortunately. There are tools that can ease the burden but no matter what DB you use, someone is going to have to know something.
As for the DB itself, mySQL is likely to be a pretty good choice- it's free, stable, and there are loads of existing apps available for it (including many good tools). Depending on your application an existing script might be a close fit or you may need to have something modified or coded from scratch
Originally Posted by Frank Woolf View Post
and if possible be able to import the work already done on Filemaker Pro.
There are some conversion options out there for this:
(These are just the first few I found, but the point is that it can be done.) If all else fails you can export the file in a raw format and then import it into mySQL.
Open source Filemaker Pro alternatives
OpenOffice Base 3.0
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Maintain your databases or create new ones. Base either connects to your existing database engine - or your can use its built-in HSQL database. For beginners Base offers wizards to help create forms... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Kexi strives to be a rapid application development (rad) tool for database driven development. Use Kexi to quick design forms to access and create your data - just as any full features application.... Read more
Available for: windows mac linux unix java
Glom is an advanced database system and user interface designer with lots of high-level features. Its advantages include its simplicity and nearly no programming requirements. Loosely based... Read more

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