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Monday, December 5, 2011

Windows Seven on old hardware

Requerimientos  mínimos de hardware (oficiales)!E72AD4DFF83FD88!270.entry

- Procesador de 32 bits (x86) o 64 bits (x64) a 1 gigahercio (GHz) o más.
- Memoria RAM de 1 gigabyte (GB) (32 bits) o memoria RAM de 2 GB (64 bits).
- Espacio disponible en disco rígido de 16 GB (32 bits) o 20 GB (64 bits).
- Dispositivo gráfico DirectX 9 con controlador WDDM 1.0 o superior.
Windows 7 en equipos con procesadores Pentium III y con 256 MB de RAM funcionan muy bien!!!

Mentioning only the CPU and RAM is kind of pointless, because GPU and HDD speed are also a major factor in OS speed
And the HUGE legacy issue in Vista and 7 is the graphics hardware. There are massive amounts of XP laptops that don't have GPUs that support Vista and therefore won't ever support Windows 7.
Older Intel® graphics controllers and Microsoft Windows 7* operating system
How can I find graphics drivers for Windows 7*?
Graphics drivers for Microsoft Windows 7* operating system (OS) support two different graphics driver models: the Windows* Display Driver Model (WDDM 1.0 & 1.1) and the older Windows XP* Driver Model (XPDM). WDDM drivers display a 3D graphical user experience. XPDM drivers deliver an interface that visually resembles Windows XP, but these drivers do not support Windows 7 OS premium features such as Microsoft Aero* and only offer limited functionality on some computers.
Note Intel has not tested XPDM graphics drivers on the Windows 7 operating system. If you have the Intel® 945, 946, 965, 3, or 4 Series Express chipset, see Where can I download Intel® graphics drivers that support the Microsoft Windows 7* operating system?
Only XPDM drivers are available for the following older Intel® graphics controllers:
  • Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset family
  • Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset family
  • Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82830M Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller
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How to identify your graphics controller
Does Intel provide WDDM graphics drivers for older graphics controllers?WDDM graphics drivers are not available due to hardware limitations in the older Intel® graphics controllers. The overall hardware architecture and design of these older graphics controllers were finalized before the Microsoft release of details and specifications on WDDM drivers and running the Aero user interface. Some hardware limitations limit graphics performance and memory capabilities when attempting to run a WDDM driver on Windows 7 operating system with these older graphics controllers.
Intel addressed these hardware limitations in the integrated graphics controllers of the desktop and mobile Intel® 945 Express Chipset families. WDDM graphics drivers are available beginning with the Intel 945 Express Chipset families.
How do I get XPDM drivers for my Intel® graphics controller?XPDM drivers are drivers developed for the Windows XP operating system (OS). Intel recommends getting the latest drivers for your computer from your computer manufacturer. Some computer manufacturers require drivers specifically customized and validated for your specific computer model.
Intel offers generic versions of the Intel graphics drivers for the Windows XP OS. If you choose not to use your computer manufacturer's validated driver and want to install the Intel generic driver, see the Intel® Driver Update Utility. But, if you encounter a problem with using the generic driver, Intel recommends installing and using the latest validated driver from your computer manufacturer.
Note Intel has not validated XPDM drivers on the Windows 7 operating system.
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Will Intel release newer XPDM drivers for older graphics controllers?Intel has no plans to release new XPDM drivers for the following older Intel graphics controllers:
  • Mobile Intel® 915GM/GMS, 910GML Express Chipset family
  • Intel® 82915G/82910GL Express Chipset family
  • Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82852/82855 Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82845G Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82830M Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82815 Graphics Controller
  • Intel® 82810 Graphics Controller
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Source (read all the comments in the link)
It is well known that Windows 7 is a huge step up from Vista as well as XP. It allows users with computers that could barely run Vista to run 7 much faster and more efficiently.
It is relatively safe to say, that Windows 7 will be the first version of Windows, that does not constantly remind you that you need to upgrade your computer. Since the first beta was released a few months ago, I have done around 25-30 installs of Windows 7. On every type of system, from a 3 GHz quad core system, to a 1.3 GHz single core laptop. On every single one of those installs Windows 7 greatly improved performance and reliability.
The install we want to highlight here is the 1.3 GHz laptop. Even by today's net book crazy market, this is an under powered laptop. With less then 512 MB of ram and an Intel Celeron M CPU, it's no speed demon. Nonetheless, it was amazing how fast it ran and installed Windows 7. Check out the full install and test video on the link above
Windows 7 can't compete with XP...and ATI IGP 320/340 et al equipped laptops.
Considering that Vista will still run on AMD's old (we're talking ancient) Radeon (I'm talking *original Radeon*, as in the Radeon 7000/7200/7500/8500), why wouldn't 7? (Albeit not with the fancy Aero effects; however, it can still run.) My Mom has a Gateway laptop with the Mobility Radeon version of the Radeon 7500 (which uses the same drivers as the desktop version); the Radeon 7500 also saw lots of generic duty in Dell Dimension and OptiPlex *desktops* (not just the XPS portables that the MR7500 appeared in) running XP Professional. I have one that was in fact pulled from an OptiPlex GX260 in my spare-parts bin, in 32 MB AGP trim. (Said OptiPlex has an AIW 8500 DV installed currently; and it's running *Vista Ultimate*.)
Need I point out that the MR7500 is *older* than the IGP 320 (in fact, considerably older)? That simply points out how badly AMD screwed up with the IGP 320.
Yes there is NOT going to be a WDDM driver for the ATI IGP 320m processor as it DOES NOT support DX9 PS 2.0 features.
This means that you install the XP driver, or the Vista variations you can find if you learn to use Google.
It may not be 'automatically' installed, but if manually installing the XP driver is beyond your abilities and this has confused you to think it does not work in Vista, you should leave this conversation now.
Again I repeat, XP Drivers work in Vista and Win7, even if they are OLD Cards that don't have the DX9 PS2.0 features and a new WDDM driver available for them.
When using an XP Driver (XPDM), Vista or Win7 draws the onscreen video EXACTLY the same way XP did.
How you could have read my lengthy post and respond by missing the major point of my post is scary.
PS The oldest WDDM DX9 PS supported card is the Geforce 5200 PCI, not the 5600, and you can even get the Geforce4ti (note the ti) to also run with a modified WDDM driver that users have created and again if you use Google can easily find.
SO TO REPEAT, as you missed it the first time... XPDM Drivers (XP Drivers) work just fine under Vista, even if you have to manually install the driver, and the OS (Vista/Win7) runs in the XPDM mode drawing the screen exactly as XP did, with the same older video subsystem that does not use the WDDM.
So this means if you have a video card that works under XP, it will also work under Vista or Win7.
You do realize that you can even run an IBM 8514 from 1989/1990 or an ATI Vantage/Ultra card (they were two of the first 'accelerated' video cards made) with the ATI being the cheaper mainstream version of the IBM 8514.
And they have drivers and work under XP, Vista, and Win7 (again using the XPDM drivers) - and they have the SAME features and levels of acceleration they offered when they were released.
They are also where the XGA 1024x768 8bit hardware accelerated specifications came from...
Is that 'old' enough of a video card to run as it was orignally designed for you are do we have to dig into VGA cards or non-accelerated VESA SVGA cards from the same time period that if they have 512KB of RAM will also run 640x480x8bit?
This whole video 'argument' is really insane, but sadly I don't think you understand the topic enough to realize this, and can also do pull quotes of Vista doesn't work with older video cards, which is not so accurate, when you can take a card from 1990 and have it run as well as it did in 1990 on Vista.

Por Megaupload (usa jDownloader para descargar los archivos)

Look for a good graphic card, if possible
Aero uses DirectX 9 technology
Pentium III ThinkPad de 700mhz y 256MB de RAM
Pentium III con 512MB de RAM.
Pentium II de 266Mhz y 96MB de RAM. usarlo sin acabar en un manicomio de lo lento que se ejecuta todo, puede ser un milagro

Windows 7 Pro on Pentium III 450 MHz (video)

Windows 7 Starter on Pentium III 600 MHz and 512 MB
Windows 7, running on Pentium II 167 Mhz / 128Mb RAM 

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