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Friday, December 9, 2011

Linux Mint 12 Lisa VS Fedora 16 Verne

Clem and Linux Mint have made a very grand effort in bringing Gnome3 to a wide market:
  • Those unwilling to change - Who can choose MATE to make their computer seem like it has Gnome2.
  • Those who want to try Gnome3 - Who can turn off a number of Shell Extensions to make Mint Lisa be more like default Gnome 3.
  • Those somewhere in the middle - For these people Mint is just the way they need it.
When Mint loads up it is Gnome3 but with a host of Shell Extensions added. You can use Gnome Tweak Tool (renamed by Mint as Advanced Settings) to turn these extensions on and off. These extensions give Mint a nearly familiar Mint Menu and many other tweaks so that the user does not feel so out of place in the alien land of Gnome3.
Fedora though is nearly paralized at first boot by their insistance to be totally Open Source. No Flash, no MP3, no... lots of stuff.
Fortunately there is a way that a fresh Fedora 16 instalation can be given all the bionic addons it needs in a few minutes and then you're set - A great and fully finctional, fast and stable Linux Distro that will last.
The trick is this. Install Fedora 16 and then open a terminal - paste this:
su -c 'yum -y --nogpgcheck install'
Now run:
autoplusand add all of those wonderful bits that the default instalation was missing.
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