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Friday, October 10, 2008

Source (copied and extracted)
Danke für die gute Arbeit, Tyrolers!

You will find links to some products which may be of interest for corporations, enterprises, malware researchers, security professionals, administrators, universities, etc.
If you are a home user, you can ignore this section either because some of the tools listed here are VERY expensive and not adequate for home use, or because you simply do not need them (or are unable to use them). Click here for a list of anti-virus products for home users.
The products below are just an incomplete selection of some (mostly commercial) tools which we think could be useful for e.g. researchers or which are partially used also by us (together with many other internal and/or own developed tools).
Virtualization software:

Image software:

Must have software:

Other useful tools:

Note: some few websites above may contain „potentially dangerous programs“.
If you are unsure about the functions of some of the products above, do not install/run them, as they may pose a security riskIf you want to know if a file is malicious, forward it to your Anti-Virus product vendor and/or submit it to e.g. to some (multi-engine) file scan services, like e.g.:

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