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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


My solution:
Do not use IExplorer version<7! Better: uninstall it completely!
Use Firefox, Flock or Opera instead (with webpage-threat advisors as belarcAdvisor, Sitehound, wot and McAfeeSiteAdvisor)
Don't forget NoScript!
And hosts related software to protect zonemapping
Use Spybot Searcha&Destroy!

Product: Smitfraud-C.
This program installs itself through the internet and creates new desktop wallpaper. This wallpaper looks like a Windows 98 blue screen and contains a warning that the computer is infected with viruses, that one should download run a virus scanner and that the computer wouldn't work in normal mode. In addition to this one gets a desktop icon leading to a pretended anti virus application named PSGuard.
Scanning the computer with this software will return a virus found (that was installed by this software itself). In order to remove this virus one has to download the full version for about 20 EUR.
Another unpleasant effect of Smitfraud-C. is that some configuration options in the Control Panel will no longer be available. This way it stops the user from changing the wallpaper and forces him to keep the blue screen. Overall Smitfraud-C is a very sneaky software trying to sell PSGuard by frightening less experienced users.

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