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Sunday, October 12, 2008


Source -by Donna
Thanks, Donna!
I thought to bump this thread because it's been months and I'm still not
convince to install on my non-test machine the SiteAdvisor.
Today, I did another run with it in test XP Pro system and ugh....
Rogue/bad site:
SiteAdvisor did not block the page (even if the bad domain has been reported to them)
Attached Image

SiteHound, Web of Trust, Adblock Plus will block it and of course, the IP blocklist and Hosts file will drop the connection:
Attached Image

Attached Image

Attached Image
Attached Image
So I'm sticking with the browser security add-ons by keeping (still) the following:
1. SiteHound, Web of Trust (they work along) in Firefox
2. Adblock plus then subscribe to block filters
3. NoScript
4. Hosts file
Since Outpost IP Blocklist will block what's on my blocklist (whatever browser I will use)... it's 'activated' in firewall.
I am not using Dr.Web link scanner at the moment. No reason other than I have no time to play with it again in new builds of browser.
At times, I'm using Sandboxie (if I am going to play with a site or link) but often Disk Protection by Windows SteadyState is "on" so whenever I'm done browsing or playing with files or sites, everything is trashed by SteadyState on restart or on schedule.
While we're talking about browser security add-on, I thought I mention also that those fast browser security add-ons are a good help to users to avoid infection while browsing.
An example:
Search using keyword "VIPRE antivirus + antispyware" in the search bar of the browser:
This site will redirect the user to a rogue domain that will autodownload rogue installer e.g. xp-cleaner
Attached Image

If Web Of Trust is installed, it will show 'red' status which means the WOT user should NOT visit the link:
Attached Image
SiteAdvisor's rating icon is 'untested' which means users should think twice, thrice whether the site is good or bad. Since it's untested, user of SA should be very careful because it's not known
to SiteAdvisor yet:
Attached Image
Let's hope SiteHound will have rating icon/alert on link also for search engines so SH users will have extra protection on bad links in search results.

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