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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

IE8 Activities for Firefox 0.7.3


This extension is an implementation of IE8 Activities for Firefox (and Flock).
Añadir a Firefox 

is a new feature in IE8 beta.
You can get more information after the line

Internet Explorer8 beta (Readiness Toolkit)
Accelerators are a contextual feature used to quickly access a service from any webpage. It is common for users to copy and paste content from one webpage to another, and accelerators simplify this process.

Accelerators allow users to find information without leaving the current webpage. For example, to determine the location of a specific restaurant, a user will select the restaurant's address, generating an in-place view of the map. Clicking the view will open a full webpage that includes additional information from the mapping service.

Accelerator Map Screenshot
Accelerators can also be used to send information to a service. For example, to blog about a section of an article, a user will make the selection and use the blog Accelerator. This will take the user to the blog site, with the selection available in the edit field.

Users can manage Accelerators and install them from the Internet Explorer Gallery or through any website that offers Accelerators for download. For more information, see Faster and Easier

1 comment:

Stephen Gordon said...

FYI, see KallOut (

I agree with you that the killer feature in IE-8 is selection-based search (aka Accelerators) where you can get content with only your mouse. This is a neat firefox addition.

A version of selection-based search which I LOVE is KallOut at

Kallout gives results in context over any website or Microsoft Office (not just IE8). Kallout already works over IE and Firefox as well as all of office. It’s really a killer application IMO for selection-based search.

The problem with Accelerators is that the user has to figure out which one to apply to his selection. It’s just unusable once you get more than two or three. What accelerators really needs is a way for the application to automatically choose which accelerator you need to use for your selection-based search request. KO picks the right accelerator based on your selection with BestGuess. Just a random reader opinion, anyway.

Check out Kallout at for yourself!

-S Gordon