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Saturday, October 11, 2008

IP anonymization time in logs will be reduced from 18 to 9 months

Google has announced on its official blog that, following the concerns expressed by privacy regulators in Europe and US, it will anonymize IPs in the server search logs after 9 months instead of 18. After being the first major search engine to clearly specify a retention time for IPs of 18 months, Google claims that the new change will demonstrate once again the company's commitment to data protection and users' privacy.

Google's decision to anonymize IPs in the search logs after 18 months was also implemented by the other search engines, although the privacy advocates and government leaders continued to ask the Mountain View giant to justify the necessity of this retention time in detail. The announcement explains that this data was and still is critical to the process of innovation. "When we began anonymizing after 18 months, we knew it meant sacrifices in future innovations," the announcement notes.

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